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A/N: This is an old drabble prompt from way back on Livejournal. As a way to ease back into writing, I think I’m going to start doing some drabbles.

This particular drabble takes place between Vidcund Curious and Circe Salamis during their third or fourth year at college.

Trigger warning: discussion of abortion.


"Well," Circe began, then stopped, unsure of how to tell Vidcund what she needed to tell him.

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Nov. 12th, 2015

I decided to do my Zombie Apocalypse Strangetown as a little series.  :)   Here is Part 2!

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Zombie Strangetown Preview

So I'm still trying to get into Sims 2 video creation, and I am playing around with the idea of a zombie apocalypse theme. I have lots of ideas in my head as to how I want the video to ultimately be (just one video? A series? Music-only? Music with subtitles?) but nothing definite yet. I do have a basic storyline in mind, though... and today while continuing to set up my 'hood for this thing, I cobbled together this preview...

Sims 2 Strangetown video!

I randomly heard this song today and decided it needed a Strangetown video set to it... and so, I made one!

Damn I miss Sims 2...  

Answer for question 4342.

Despite how old you really are, what age do you feel? Have you generally been more or less mature than others of your own age?
Honestly, I think I feel about 80 years old. I'm 43. I've never been more stressed or felt more burdened in my life. I've never had more pain, more difficulty, with so much more to do than now. Every day is a struggle.

Love is in the Air... World of Warcraft

This was a challenge on my RP guild's forum site, to write a short story about the current WoW holiday, Love Is In the Air, as it pertains to your character.  My character is a level 90 female gnome mage named Bimbie Fizzleblink, and this was my entry.   :)



Bimbie Fizzleblink blew her nose noisily and rubbed her eyes behind the thick yellow goggles she wore. The clouds of perfume that hung over Stormwind City were simply terrible for her allergies. Yet she had to bear it. She was here on a very special mission... to find a gift for her latest creation.

She glanced behind her. Yes, the clockwork gnome was still there. Still following her with creaking, metallic steps. Still burbling happily to her in a series of beeps and whistles. Still puffing steam from his seams. Still dripping oil from his joints. Still there. Still following her.

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Sims 3 Aliens! (Spoilers)

So, as most of you know I'm sure, Sims 3 Seasons brought alien abduction and male Sim pregnancy from abduction back to the game. YESSSSSS! :D :D I had no idea how much I'd missed it, but it was so awesome to have it again.

(Spoilers ahead!!!) 

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Adventures in DayZ

I've started playing a game called DayZ... and I've gotten completely hooked, lol.  I've decided to take a page from some other players' books and write a little story about my adventures.   For those who don't know, DayZ is a mod of the Arma II game, and it's you, trying to survive a zombie apocolypse, and other players who might kill you on sight.  I've died in it SO many times already... and every time you die you have to start over.   As in, you lose all of your stuff, and you begin again.  Fun for all!  :D

Anyway, here's some of my latest adventure in DayZ....

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Day 0:

I woke up lying on the ground, the salt tang in the air and the sound of surf telling me I was on the shore before I even opened my eyes. Rolling over, I grunted as I got to my feet and surveyed my surroundings.

Belota. I was pretty sure I was near Belota Air Base. If I squinted hard enough, I fancied I could see the unmistakable shape of the control tower in the distance. I decided I would head that way.

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Tower update...

So uh... yeah.  I took it upon myself to call Bank of America and ask them about the $670,000.00 mortgage they still have open on that 4 acres and tower we want to buy and initiate a lien release. 

I get a phone call asking me to send them a copy of the mortgage.

"Okay," says I.  "You want a... uh... you want a copy of... of the mortgage?"


"You're the bank, and you need a copy of your own mortgage?"

"Well, yes."


Is it me or is this some seriously f*cked up shit or what?  Geez.

Jul. 11th, 2012

Some of you may remember my husband and I were working on purchasing a four acre piece of land that has a radio/microwave/whatever kind of tower on it.  The tower is no longer operational and basically it's a 260 foot tall hunk of scrap metal on halfway decent farmland that is right across the road from our house. 


We're still trying to buy it but omg there are issues.  I'll try to sum them up.

-Tower is being sold by a company called Tower Acquisitions, LLC. 
-They want to "sell" it to us via a quit claim deed.  They claim there are no liens or encumbrances on the property.
-We did our own title search.
-There's a $670,000.00 mortgage with Bank of America still outstanding that was initiated March 2002 and was part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2005.  However, the mortgage was never officially discharged and is still open.
-Taxes are current.
-There is a right-of-way easement still open for Ohio Telephone and Telegraph

Obviously the biggest issue is that mortgage.  Now, I might be crazy, but I didn't think you could transfer a mortgage simply by buying and selling a property.  The mortgage is always between the issuing bank and the party who took it out unless paperwork is done that transfers the mortgage itself, correct?

However, husband is of the belief that even if Bank of America doesn't come after us for the money itself, they could show up on our doorstep and be all like, "Hey man, where's our tower?"  Which... you know... could be awkward.  Especially if we'd had it demolished.  Even then, though... there's not $670,000.00 worth of scrap in that thing.  Not even close.  Maybe five thousand.  And we'd still be incurring the expense of demolition.

Our realtor is saying "Get Bank of America to release the lien and put it in writing."  So I called them, and started that whole process... but in all honesty I don't know if they would do it for me.  I mean, who am I?  I'm nobody right now.  I don't own the property; I have no rights of interest to it at all at this point.

What should be happening is Tower Acquisitions needs to get the title cleaned up before they try to sell the damn thing.  But no, they don't want that.  They want a quick and dirty deal where they just sign over their supposed "rights" to us under a quit claim deed and wash their hands of the whole thing.  They get really defensive if my husband or I bring any of this up.  "Well we bought it like this," the guy told my husband.  "If it was good enough for us and we're not worried, you shouldn't be either." 

Yeah, that's professional.

Our lawyer advised us to create an LLC of our own and use that to buy the tower.  "Okay," we say.  "So that would guarantee we wouldn't be liable for anything outside of the $20,000 we're paying for this, right?  Even if worst case scenerio happens and Bank of America shows back up after ten years and wants their shit?" 

"Well," the lawyer says, "It would help, but there's never any guarantees."

Good lord... it shouldn't be this difficult!   I just... I don't know what to do at this point.  I mean it's not like they'll be able to sell it to anyone else except maybe someone like themselves who will just unload it and not actually want to keep it.  We do really want it, because we've farmed that ground for over 20 years now and it's so close to home.  If it was just the land, there would be no issues.  But that stupid hunk of junk on it is just screwing everything up.  :(

Sorry, just had to vent a little...

Hello everyone and welcome!


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