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Not Again!!!!

I'm so upset right now.  I'm writing this from my old Dell, using dial-up.  Why?  Because one of the hard drives in my Alienware fried AGAIN.  The other hard drive.  Not the one that failed the last time.  I'm so mad because back then I had asked Alienware if they should replace both drives when the one went bad, and they told me no... it was just a fluke, the other one was fine, etc.

They're sending out another hard drive today using overnight shipping, and I know how to fix it (I did it all myself last time with them on the phone, and it hasn't been that long ago so I still remember how to do it) so I'll have my good internet back in a couple of days, but I've lost everything.  Everything.  All the family pictures (thank the Goddess I've been putting the good ones on Photobucket) all of my writings, my stories, my game, my backups, everything.   It's all gone.  

I'm so disheartened right now.   Needless to say I don't know when there will be another update to my ongoing stories.  The saddest part is this is the only place I can cry to.  My husband has no sympathy because to him it's all just a game and not worth getting upset over.  He's right of course, but I'm still upset.    Sigh.

*sticks out tongue at Alienware and goes back to canning tomatoes*

PS:  Sorry this isn't under a LJ cut.  One of the (many) problems with my Dell is the mouse doesn't work. 
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