Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Twilight mini-rant

I was watching a "premiere special" sort of thing on E! for Twilight... and they were talking about Twilight babies (which are babies born during the time period of the books and named after the characters.)  I guess there is practically a whole generations of little Bellas and Emmetts running around these days (or will be running... when they're able.)

I, however, do not have a Twilight baby.

I don't care if my son is 11 months old and his name is Jacob Edward.  HE IS NOT A TWILIGHT BABY.

I get asked *so* many times by everyone from the grocery store check out girl to a nurse in the doctor's office,  "Aw, what's the baby's name?  *gasp*  Oh wow!  Did you name him after Twilight?  That's so cool!"   And I have to say, "No, he's actually named after relatives... it's just a coincidence that he has *those* names."  

I should just start saying yes.   And buy him one of those bibs.  You know... just go with it.   I would actually be trendy! 

Hee hee hee hee hee.

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