Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

More TS3 spam

My TS3 Lazlo Curious is fast becoming my favorite sim in the game. I know, I know... how strange is that, right? But OMG he's so adorable!


I started off making him a bit on the chunky side,


... but with him being a Natural Cook and also in the Culinary career, he's packed on a few pounds. :D


He loves to play the guitar wearing nothing but his tighty whiteys.


Gratuitious man panty shot! Whoo!


And d'awwwwww... look at hims wittle hairnet coming home from the westaraunt where hims works. *pinches cheeks*

More spam...


LOL fire truck. It's an actual... truck. Hee.


Pascal relaxes after his shift ends at the science lab where he works.


And I LOVE those pink scrubs, Vid! XD


Tags: misc sims 3
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