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I love TS3's story progression!!!

It really makes for some surprises and I just love the way the game continues to evolve when you're not looking.  That was one of the things I didn't like about TS2... the fact that the households didn't age when you didn't play them.  I always wanted everyone to age together but just didn't have the time or interest to play each household separately.  TS3 takes care of that issue... and also does a lot more!

I had decided to move Lazlo out of the Curious house for a couple of reasons.  One, was just because I really like him and wanted to take the time to develop him more.  Two, was because Vidcund and his wife Megan already had a toddler son and just had twin girls and the house was crazy.  I figured if I played Lazlo for a sim week or so it would give the kids all time to grow up and the household would be a bit calmer when I went back to it. 

So Lazlo moved out into a little house by the beach, leaving Vidcund, Megan, Pascal, and the kids there at the first lot, and I played him for about 6 or 7 sim days.  It went fast, and he's gotten almost fully skilled in both cooking and guitar! 

BUT... imagine my surprise when I went back to the first Curious lot to see another little larval baby girl in the loading screen being held by Pascal!  Well, that's no big deal, says I...  Vidcund and Megan must've had another baby, right? 

Wrong!  Apparently Pascal enjoys spreading his seed around the neighborhood because he had a baby dropped on him, lol! 

That's right... not only does he have a toddler son by the (now Elder) Fiona McIrish, he has a motherless baby girl named June that was randomly spawned by the game!  Pascal, you dirty dog, you!!

So I ended up moving him out also... into the really cool house called the Unabridged or something like that.   He also asked Fiona to marry him and she did, bringing their son Brad with her.  Then, she almost immediately died of something (I'm still not sure what because I was concentrating on something else at the time) leaving Pascal to raise his kids alone.  He's doing just fine though! 

Baby June.  So far she has the traits of Absentminded and Genius.

Toddler Brad.  He is a Light Sleeper and a Genius, too!   That trait must be strong in the Curious family!   :D 

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