Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Sims_picspam challenge: Theme #1 - Self Sim Sprogs

Over in sims_picspam, there is a challenge to breed your selfsim and show off the offspring. And, as luck would have it, in my Castaway Island game, my selfsim is married to and happily breeding with Pascal Curious.

They have six children; two boys and four girls (hmmm, that sounds familiar, lol.)

Not surprisingly, the children mostly look like him, but I do see some of my selfsim's features. Here is Pascal with daughter Megan. (Okay, so... she's a Pascal clone... but the others have a little variety, I promise!)

Megan Curious: Aries, 8-10-8-0-8

This is my selfsim with son Mark.

Mark Curious: Libra: 6-10-4-6-8

This is oldest daughter Julie with youngest daughter Mary.

Julie Curious: Cancer: 8-5-4-4-8
Mary Curious: Pisces: 8-1-9-0-8

And finally, here are Lucas and Lucy!

Lucas Curious: Libra: 6-10-4-6-7
Lucy Curious: Cancer: 8-6-4-1-6

Pascal's genes certainly are strong, but I can see a little of my selfsim in there.  ;)

Tags: prosperity challenge, selfsim antics, sims_picspam challenge
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