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So the chicken coop is done!  YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY!!!! 

Well, it's almost done, lol. Hubby still wants to put in some feeders made from PVC pipe and a place to hang the waterers... plus he still needs to build the fence around it for the pasture. But other than that... it's complete!

The front. I'm thinking about painting some wood trim in burgundy and putting it around the man-door and the chicken-doors but I'm not sure how that will work, especially because of where the door latches are. *ponders*

The side and the back where the nest boxes are. The back faces South to take advantage of the light with the big windows there. Also, the coop is wired inside... that box on the wall there in the back is where we would plug in a line from the house or whatever, and there are outlets inside.

The inside with the roosts and nestbox access. The darker grey color is a wood sealer my husband sprayed on the lower half of the coop because he figures that's the part that needs the most protection, hee hee.

Here's a picture of the wall and ceiling where there are some of the electrical outlets. We weren't sure where we'd need to hook something up like a heat lamp, etc. so my husband put about five outlets in there! The coop is fully insulated too!

And check this out. My husband saw this medicine cabinet sitting out by the road with a "FREE" sign on it so he grabbed it. He wasn't intending on putting in the coop when he brought it home but we really didn't have any other place for it. Besides I LOVE it in there... their bags of grit fit in there perfectly and I also can store medicines in there if I ever need them (knock on wood I won't, but you never know!)


Now for some more pictures of the chickens!! They are growing SO FAST.

Here are Pig, Priscilla, and Rascal venturing out of the coop.

Pig is the one with the orangey head and stripey body, (Easter Egger) Priscilla is the black one (Australorp), and Rascal is the little brown Leghorn rooster there. :D

Some chickies enjoying their dust bath. They're so funny when they do that!

This is Elvis, a black Australorp rooster. He's walking beside Cornelius, a silver-spangled Hamburg rooster. Right now my roosters (I have six in total) seem to get along okay, but they're still young. Hopefully it will continue! *fingers crossed*

My gold Phoenixes basking in the sun during their dust bath. I like how Godzilla there (the one in the middle) has his eyes closed and his mouth open. He looks like he's passed out, or worse! :D

Yes, the chickies can look quite dead when they're all lying around in the dirt, but they're just resting blissfully. :)

This is Colonel, a brown Leghorn rooster.

And one more picture of Rascal (also a brown leghorn rooster... about a week younger than Colonel.) Look at his ginormous comb! This is the one that My Pet Chicken sold to me as a female. Oh well... everyone makes mistakes, lol!


Now for something really hokey... a video of my chickens! I made this with the video setting on my old digital camera so the quality is not that great, but you might get a kick out of it all the same. Watch for the camera-shy chicken at the end! :D

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