Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Some pictures from Prosperity Island

Just a few random snapshots from my Prosperity Island game. I have more to post, too... but all in good time. :)

This is Coral Less, the mer-child born to Cheer Less. Coral is a teenager here, and Cheer, who is an adult now, has two more mer-children, a boy and girl: Cove and Shell. Pictures of them to come.

And I decided to break the rules of the Prosperity Challenge and move the Grunts in. :P Ripp Grunt was abducted by aliens and had the most adorable little alien baby. He's now married to Rose Petal, who was terribly lonely after her sisters moved away (and Marygold took Rose's daughter Iris with her) and Vidcund took custody of their children together. More on that later too. (I have a lot of catching up to do, lol!)

Here's little Ace with Uncle Tank. :)

This is General Buzz. Yep, he's a pirate. *snort*

The Infallibly Good Warlock Andrew is still being Infallibly hot. He doesn't sparkle anymore though... I don't know why. His magic skill is still 100% and he's still Infallibly Good, but no sparkling. Oh well.

Lazlo enjoys popping out at him every now and then. Andrew doesn't like it at all, being a Family/Romance sim. :D

And did you know the Spectral Cats can have kittens? I didn't! But apparently they can because I was able to breed Andrew's familiar with a local stray and she had two kittens. I was worried she'd disappear during the pregnancy but she never did. I'm not sure what she'll do now that the kittens have been born though.

Awww... so cute!!

I'm going to need to do a family-by-family update soon. :D
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