Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

We didn't get any rain yesterday and they had been building it up alllll week and then *poof*... it all disappeared.  Yes, Illinois and Indiana got some good rain, but it pissed out just as it arrived in Ohio.  Bleh.

So that's kind of a bummer.  But we have another chance for it coming in Friday I guess. We really need it now, because the corn is tasselling and the rain will pollinate it, making the ears nice and full.  The wind does some pollination but it's mostly designed to pollinate from rain.  So rain in the next week would be most helpful.  *shakes rain stick* 

In other news, I still fail most heinously at WoW.   Couldn't figure out why I was dying left and right until my husband came along and pointed out that all of my "armor" (I use the term loosely here) was at zero durability... and, not only that, my staff was broken and I was fighting with my bare hands when my magic ran dry.  O_o   Ugh.  

And in other other news, yes I did go looking for the nudie pictures of Daniel Radcliffe floating around the internet.   I AM NOT ASHAMED.

Tags: farm, randomness, real life, world of warcraft
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