Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

My family's WoW characters...

Yes, everyone aged 10 and up in my house has been playing!

This is my character now. She's a level 10 human Mage. I still suck... but I'm having FUN sucking. :P

This is my husband's character... a level 13 human Warrior. No, he hasn't really been playing much more than me. He's just better at the game than I am, but that's not shocking. ;)

Here's my oldest daughter's character, a level 8 blood elf Hunter. She's the rebel in the family, as you can see. *Sigh* I've told her she needs to get on the Alliance side so I can send her mail with money and stuff in it like I do my oldest son, but nope. Should I be worried? LOL

And speaking of my oldest son, here's his character, a level 6 draeni (?) Shaman.  

We're having fun with it, although I refuse to duel until I figure out macros.   
Tags: other games besides the sims, world of warcraft
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