Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I want to cheat!!!

I really do commend Blizzard Entertainment for not tolerating hacking/cheating into the WoW game.  Really, I do. 

But dang it... this is just taking so LONG.  :(    It's frustrating!

I've found a few cheats online... things like stats changers and stuff... but I'm afraid to use them because cheating is against the TOS, and they can disable your account.  That would make my husband and kids VERY angry, lol. 

Uggggghhhh... *repeatedly bangs head on computer*  I don't want much... just a level 20.  Just a 20 so I can get some decent armor so I won't be dying all the time.  I spend a good third (if not more!) of my gaming time as a ghost running to find my corpse.

And never, never die in Stormwind City because the graveyard is just too damn far away.

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