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Real estate purchase issues... I need advice on who to go to.

I haven't been spending *all* my time playing WoW, lol...  I've been doing business-type stuff too... and it has me about ready to pull my hair out.  I need help.  I'm not sure a regular realtor would do what I need, but they might. Let me explain...

My husband and I are wanting to purchase the neighbor's land. They want to sell it as they are deeply in debt. It includes 125 tillable acres, a small, three-bedroom brick house, barns badly in need of repair, a 20 acre pasture, and about 30 dairy cows with the associated milking equipment.

They want to sell it, and we want to buy it. We've been approved for the loan... now it's just a matter of agreeing on terms.

These people are coming up with the most off the wall terms you can imagine. They want us to pay $600,000.00 for it (it appraised right at $500,000.00) and to let them live in the house rent-free until they die if they want. They want to keep the cows and keep milking them and getting the profit from that... there are other things just as ridiculous but I won't go into them here.

My thing is, if we pay them what they're asking, then WE get the house to rent out as we please, WE get the cows and equipment to sell or use... and if we are generous we'll let them have six months to vacate.  It sounds simple enough, but you guys should see the "contract" this lady wrote up on her home typewriter. I read it and I want to just wash my hands of the whole thing. She even went so far as to write in there if we back out of the purchase, we'll still owe them $30,000.00 for their "trouble." Ahem... what?

Anyway, I told my husband I don't want to deal with those people personally any more. I want to take their "contract" to someone, have that someone read it, tell that someone what we want, and have that someone write us up a counter-offer. I want someone else to do it so I know it'll be done correctly, with none of this off-the-wall gobbledegook these people keep coming up with... and I don't want to accidentally back myself into a corner with one of her weird loopholes and end up in court owing them money over something so stupid.

So... short story long... would a regular realtor do that, or would I need an attorney?  Do any of you have any ideas?

Tags: buying land, farm, wtf
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