Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

We have an egg!!!

One of my chickens laid her first egg yesterday!!!

I had noticed Pumpkin, one of my Red Stars, was acting oddly yesterday morning when I went out to feed at about 9:00am.  She was making loud "whining" type sounds (louder than usual) and kept climbing in and out of one of the nest boxes.  She'd climb in, sit, whine, and then climb out again and whine some more, acting very restless.

I figured something was up so I hung around outside the coop for a while, and then I heard clucking!  True, honest-to-goodness clucking!  I peeked in and Pumpkin was still in the nest box, just clucking away.  It was so cute because Petunia, one of my White Rocks, was sitting on the perch outside that same nest box, sticking her head into the nest where Pumpkin was, and making little soothing noises.   :D  I swear it was like she was saying, "It's okay... it's okay!"  LOL

I thought me being there might be agitating them more so I went back into the house.  About an hour later I saw Pumpkin out in the yard so I went out to the coop to investigate... and there it was! 

I think it's a good size for a first egg!  I don't have any store eggs in the house to compare it to, but it's certainly just as large, if not larger, than a medium-large store egg!

She did a good job!  :D

It's crazy how excited I am to see if she lays another today, lol... and she's just the beginning! 
Tags: chickens, eggs, farm
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