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CHALLENGE 004: Drabble+: Blame

Note:  This drabble is completely and utterly independent of To Fear the Dawn.  It is, however, tied in with a Strangetown Black Widow story I wrote and that I will post here eventually.  

This drabble takes place after that story... 

CHALLENGE 004: Drabble+: Blame

“Did she kill you, too?” I asked my father’s ghost.

“No,” he said with a gentle smile.

My breath let out in relief.  My mother hadn’t killed my father!

... but my grandpere... and Lazlo...

“Yes.” The spirit nodded. “Those two... and many others.”

“But not you.”

“No.”  Again the gentle smile.  “I’d like to think that had I survived the accident that killed me, your mother and I would have lived the rest of our lives together with you.  I like to think that I would have ended the curse for her.”  He gazed at me.  “And for you too.”


He nodded.  “You.”      

“But I didn’t kill Ajay,”  I cried.  Although it had been several years since his death, I still mourned him deeply.  “I didn’t!”

“Didn’t you?” my father’s ghost asked softly.  “Your mother wasn’t sane, Catherine.  You knew that... and you brought him to meet her.”  His eyes were filled with sorrow.  “Did you never ask yourself why?”

A horrible feeling crawled over me. 


But yet, I knew my father’s words were true.  I had sealed my fiance’s doom the moment I had led him through the door of my mother’s house. 

I was to blame.

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