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Lilfe update... :)

Wow it's been a while since I've written anything really, lol... but I'm still around...

Had a bit of a scare with my dad about six weeks ago. See, he'd had his knees replaced a while back and somehow they developed an infection in them, which became septic. He was in the hospital for over a week and there for a day or so they weren't sure he'd pull through. But he did and began improving pretty quickly once things turned around so that's a blessing. He spent some time in a nursing and recovery center until he was able to stand and walk with the assistance of a walker (he'd had a second knee surgery to clean out the infection and they wanted him to be able to at least get around a little on his own before sending him home) and he's home now. They say he will have to be on antibiotics the rest of his life but he is doing well and nearly back to normal. :)

Some of you might remember when I posted about buying the neighbors' farmland. Well, we're still working on that. We have been approved for the money, but now the land has to go though inspections to get it passed in order for the farm loan people to loan money on it. This is a part that's totally out of our control and, as you can imagine, it's driving Brian nuts lol. It's hard not knowing what's going on, but we just have to be patient. If it doesn't pass these inspections and things, there's really no way we can buy it. The only way we can afford the payments on that much money is if we get the uber low interest rates offered by the farm loans. (Personally I'm not looking forward to trying to make those payments even WITH the uber low farm loan interest rates, omg.) But we are still plugging away at that... guess we'll find something out before too much longer!

Ummmm... still playing World of Warcraft. :D I'm having tons of fun with it and it's a good game for me because I really can't play it too much. By that I mean I get physcially (well, probably more mentally) worn out after a few hours of playing, and I stop. Which is good... I really was worried I'd fall into another game hole and not come out for three years like I did the Sims2, lol. But this seems to strike a nice balance for me. :) Brian and I also really have a lot of fun playing together and it brings back the days when we were dating and would go to the arcade (which back in those days had good games... none of this skee ball and basketball hoop stuff.) My female human mage is level 73 now (she's the one I started with) and I also have a level 65 female night elf druid, a level 28 male undead warrior (made of cool!), and I just rolled a male night elf priest, which is now level 10. Brian has a level 63 male human warrior that is up on the shelf, so to speak, in favor of his male human death knight, which is now level 76, almost 77. He also has a level 61 (?) male night elf hunter and a level 28 male blood elf warlock. He hates the warlock though. :P All of our toons are on Velen, so if any of you play there, let me know!

Everyone has been well... except for me, lol. I think I had H1N1 this past week or so. It makes sense that's what it was, because it started with a crushing chest pain and cough, followed by fever, sore throat, more cough, and fatigue. I was sooooo tired and I'm just now starting to feel like I have my energy back. I kept praying for rain so my husband wouldn't have to work and I could sleep, but the harvest waits for no one, lol. Anyway, my three older kids have had the H1N1 shot, and they didn't get what I had. My younger kids did get a cough and fever, but they didn't get wiped out like I did and were better in a few days, thank goodness. My husband didn't get anything at all, but from what I've heard, females are more susceptible to H1N1 than males, especially in our age group. Sooo... I don't know 100% that what I had was H1N1, but I strongly suspect it, and my friend who is a nurse said the same thing. And... of course as soon as I get over that what should I get but Aunt Flo come to vist? If it's not one thing it's another, lol!

Chickens are doing fantastic and are taking over the yard. XD. I told my husband a 4 foot fence wouldn't be high enough! But did he listen? Noooooo, lol! So now we have chickens jumping the fence right and left and they are going everywhere, omg. I don't really mind... the garden is gone anyway and they love to get in there and scratch around and it's so good for the garden! They eat grubs and things that would hurt next year's garden plants and they also eat weed seeds too... plus the fertilzer they drop! Trouble is, they drop that fertilizer on my sidewalks too, lol! Some of the roosters are also starting to chase the younger kids, which I don't like (really I don't... despite me laughing my ass off at it while looking out the window) For now they don't do much other than run after them and try to jump at them, but eventually those spurs will grow and those roos will be able to do some damage. So... we might just have to cull a few lower-ranked roos. The lead rooster doesn't do the chasing, believe it or not. I think the lower-ranked ones are bored and frustrated and so they take it out on anything they can, including children and the other hens. I'm going to put an ad in the paper for free roosters but really... people who actually want roosters are few and far between. These roos are purebred, though, and can be used as breeding stock so they might have a chance. I hope I can find a home for them!

Two of my nieces are pregnant and due this year. One is Brian's sister's daughter, due with her 2nd child, a boy, in January, and one is my brother's daughter, due with her first in April! I'm so excited! BAYBEES!!!!! :D :D :D They just grow soooo fast. I mean, Jake's newest word is ROFLMAO (pronounced rofflemow.) O_o Don't ask me how he came about saying it other than he picked it up from the older kids, lol. But now he says it all the time. XD

Well, that's my super exciting life in a nutshell. :) I'm happy this is a short week for the kids and a loooong weekend. They only go Mon and Tues this week and don't go back til Dec 1. It'll be nice to not have that to worry about and just enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all do the same!

Many hugs,

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