Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I had a dream last night where my WoW character died, and a member of my guild pleaded for her life with the Grim Reaper (like in the Sims 2) and won. First dream I've been able to remember in months and it combines my two favorite games. Can't ask for better than that, lol.

I would love, love love it if WoW was set up more like the Sims in some ways. I mean... if the characters can clobber and kill each other, why can't they hug each other for "real?" Why can't the food look like the actual food they're eating? I know it's possible, it's just Blizzard didn't put those little details in... yet. I still have hope for it... and for more hairstyles. :)

And my dream? I think it came about because for the first time I was shocked back to life with the gnomish army knife by a guildmate who is an engineer. Way cool. Still... the Grim Reaper showing up would be sort of awesome.

Tags: dreams, lol, world of warcraft
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