Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Meme stolen from javabean_dreams  

1. First Name: Cindy
2. Age: 37

3. Location: Central Ohio

4. Occupation: Currently stay-at-home mom; up until I had my fourth child I was a claim representative for State Farm Insurance handling auto accident claims.
5. Partner?:  Yep!  Married to Brian for 17 years; been with him romantically for a total of 21 years, since we were 16 years old. 

6. Kids: Six, ages 12, 11, 8, 5, 4, and almost 2.  :)

7. Brothers/Sisters: One older brother, Ed, who is 42.

8. List 3-5 biggest things going on in your life right now:  Trying to get Christmas together (slowly but surely getting to the top of that particular mountain), trying to keep the house from imploding upon itself,  and oh yeah last night we just found out OUR OFFER ON THE NEIGHBOR'S PROPERTY WAS ACCEPTED. THIS MEANS I WILL SIGN OVER A HALF MILLION DOLLARS IN FEBRUARY OMFG.  *dies a little*   


*okay a lot*  OMFG YOU GUYS.

9. Parents:  My mom and dad are still married, going on 47 years now.  :)   We had quite a scare with Dad a few months ago; he was hospitalized with sepsis that stemmed from an injury to his knees (which had been replaced a few years ago.)  Basically he overdid it going up and down stairs, his artificial knees became inflamed and infected, and then the infection went septic and spread to his whole body.  He nearly died from it (omg it all happened soooo fast too!) BUT, once he turned the corner and the antibiotics began to work, he recovered just as quickly.  Now he needs to recuperate from the 2nd knee surgery he had while in the hospital to clean out the infection.  He also will have to take antibiotics every day for the rest of his life

10. Who are some of your closest friends?  My husband is my best friend, and I have sooo many very dear  friends, both that I've met in real life and met online,  that I keep in touch with over the internet.  Thank God for the internet!! 
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