Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Screenshots from my WoW game. :)

I was in a screenshot-taking mood this morning, lol... so here are a few pictures of my main character in my World of Warcraft game, a level 80 human mage. 


Here she is on her nether drake mount. It took a while to get that thing, lol!

Another shot of her on the nether drake.

Fighting dragons, woot! :D

And the armor has to come off sometime, amirite? So here she is in the Hero's Welcome hotel bedroom giving the camera a "come hither" look. :P

Here's my husband's death knight, lol.

And this is a picture of the mammoth parade some members of my guild and myself started in Dalaran one night while we were waiting on someone to log in for a raid. It was the funniest thing... sooo many other players... Horde and Alliance both... joined us! At one point we had at least 30 mammoths all walking aound the square, lol!

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