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I want the taxes to just go away.  Having them hanging over my head sucks the joy out of life like nothing else.

Ever since we got to the point with our taxes where numbers were measured in tens and hundreds of thousands... and that we needed to start sending out multiple 1099's and depreciating several pieces of equipment and filing more than five additional forms along with the 1040... I've suggested, pleaded, begged, thrown tantrums, whined, offered sexual favors, you name it, lol... for my husband to agree to hire an outside bookkeeper.  He can't see the way clear to "waste"  (AHEM!) that money when I probably do just as good of a job.

Except I don't. 

I've told him this.  I've said, time and time again, that I do NOT do as good of a job as a professional bookkeeper would do for us.  I know I miss all kinds of deductions we could take, loopholes we could find, laws I'm not aware of that could potentially save us thousands.  My records are adequate, but they aren't the perfect, find-it-right-this-second filing system I'd ideally like to have simply because I do not know how to set things up to  accomplish that goal.  Instead, everything goes into a drawer and gets sorted at the end of the year, and I go insane doing it.

I've tried to do it bits at a time over the course of the year, but that DOES NOT WORK as things get lost or destroyed, or I forget what I did on them and have to go back and do them all over again anyway.

Sigh.  My world for a professional bookkeeper to whom I could just deliver all of the receipts, check stubs, etc. and let them deal with it. I'd like to let them cut checks for certain farm expenses too... give me one less thing to worry about.  It would be such a weight off me to have someone else responsible for all of that. 

As it is now, it's like an ever constant gloom surrounding me, casting a pall over everything.  I wake up in the morning happy, until I remember I need to work on the taxes.  I look forward to playing with the kids, eating a good meal, playing on my computer... until I remember the taxes still aren't done and then I feel sick.  I  know I'm procrastinating like mad and that doesn't help matters in the least, but I have such a visceral aversion to looking at all of that paperwork.  It's gotten worse and worse every year and I get more and more depressed about how much I despise it.

Can't I just write a check for 20% of our income and call it done?   Why must it be such torture? 
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