Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I figured it out!!

Guys, I figured out why I can't stand the Sims 3!!  I can get past the way they look (and even learn to like it) but the way they move, O M G the way they mooooooove!!!   D:  D: 

I really wanted to give the game another chance.  I mean, I've started probably 25 games now, and this time I made an adorable male sim name Ignatius... took a lot of time with him, gave him a really cool personality, etc.  I put him into a house and I SWEAR TO GOD within the first two minutes I was ready to throw something.  

It's the hand on the hip, foot-tap thing they do when they have to wait.  Why can't they just stand still????  The foot tap looks horrible... and when he invited his welcome wagon visitors inside and THEY ALL DID IT AT ONCE was when I just had to quit.  I couldn't take it.  

EA Games... just so you know, no one does that.  NO ONE.  EVER.  

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