Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

My raid group's ICC fight videos :)

These were taken by the druid healer we have (also the raid leader and a good in-game friend of mine.) So, of course he's the tree in the middle, lol. I'm the female human mage (in blue) running around like a crazed chicken and my husband is the warrior tank, usually with the orange circle over his head. :D
Lord Marrowgar.  This one is my favorite, lol. If you watch nothing else, watch this one, because the music is awesome. :D  

Then... the rest of the fights as we fought them.  Lady Deathwhisper, the Gunship, Saurfang, and finally Festergut. 

This team is still working on the next boss, but I have hopes we'll get him down this week!   :)


Tags: videos, world of warcraft
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