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Blips: To Fear the Dawn: Spam and Outtakes

I thought I would share a few outtakes and spam pics I've gotten here and there while I "film" To Fear the Dawn.   

Toddlerspam:  Vidcund teaching Xena to walk.  Awww...

The kids teaching the toddlers the nursery rhyme has to be the CUTEST THING EVER.  I love how the tots stick their thumbs in their mouths!


Pascal either forgot to zip his fly or he's hiding a hard-on.  I haven't decided yet... 

"Um... hello?  Remember me?  I know I'm not in this scene, but... hi!  Hi there!"

Okay, usually I play with free will off when I'm "filming."  It's just easier.  And I also usually make all the "extras" on a lot selectable.   However, if I have to stop and exit in the middle of a scene, I'll unselect them before I save the lot (because if you save with the non-family sims selected, they'll disappear the next time you re-enter the lot and then you have to go to all the trouble of getting them back, etc.

So I was trying to get some serious pics of Reginald and Charity, and I'd forgotten that there were other sims on the lot...

Hey!  That's not in my script!

Vidcund:  "hehehe... she's totally getting ready to kill your character off, man!" 

And what's Charity looking at???


Jeez.  ((rolls eyes))  Okay you two!  That's it... get off of my set!   


Dying Reginald pic.  Yes he really did die.  Charity has the urn with her at the Curious house.  

I took this pic but never had a chance to use it.  (shrugs)  I'm still expecting his ghost to come out and haunt any time.

Me:   Oops, sorry.  That won't work.  Your head's a bit too low in this picture, Vid. 

Vid:    No, no... I think it's fine.  Juuuuuust fine.  (drools)

Vid's twins are so awesome.  Both of them have almost NO neat points (yes they are Vid's kids, lol) and almost ALL of the nice points (yep, Vid's kids!) and the first thing they did after they transitioned was clean up the kitchen because they're so sweet.  ((loves))

I love the little green robe Xander transitioned into for his PJ's!  :D

Remember the waiting-room scene with Vidcund on the couch with a pregnant Erin (and loving Ajay) and a pregnant Wanda Tinker?  Well, this is the outfit I had originally put on Wanda.  Doesn't she look good?  But I was afraid no one would recognize her!

She's so sassy, lol!

Oh and here's my self-sim, in her kitchen on her computer.  (ahem!)  Sims imitating life!

Geez, it's wierd how much that (almost) looks like me.  Let's face it, this sim needs a good 40 more sim pounds on her to do me justice.  But hey, this sim hasn't had six kids, lol!  


Bye for now!

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