Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Dressed chickens... but not the way you think! :P

Some of my hens have been receiving too much *ahem* attention from the roosters...  which causes severe feather loss (down to bare skin) on their backs and on the backs of their shoulders.   Poor things, they not only looked terrible, they were at real risk for possible injuries and subsequent infections.

Not to worry though... because they have something out there to remedy this very issue!  "Hen Saver" chicken smocks!

Here we have Lucy modeling the denim version of the smock.

Petunia also feels quite lovely in denim.

All dressed up and... laying an egg!   Penny finds the khaki smock complements her rusty-red feather color nicely. 


Oh look... one of the cocks (giggity) responsible for this whole issue... Yes, Elvis... I'm looking at you! 

And another... Colonel is not letting me (or is it the camera?) out of his sight! 

I bet now you've seen everything!  Clothes for chickens, lol!!   But you know... it's like I told my husband, it's really no different than a horse blanket we would put on a horse that's being bothered by flies or whatnot.  But still... rofl!!! 


Tags: chickens, farming, rofl
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