Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

I miss swimming...

It dawned on me that I really miss swimming.  Like really, really miss it. 

My parents had a pool from the time I was about 7 years old until I left home, and even after that I'd go back and swim at their place during the summers when I'd have time off work and before I had kids.  I'd spend the whole day in the pool, just floating and listening to music, and when I got hot I'd fall in the pool for 20 minutes or so, then back up to my floating lounge.  I'd also exercise; swim and/or walk laps around the pool for 30, 40 minutes at a time.   When I had my older kids, they got put into a little floating contraption that was kind of like a life ring with a seat, and I'd speed-walk laps around the pool, pushing the kid in front of me like a little speedboat. 

It was great fun, and I really miss it.  Mom and Dad took down their pool about 10 years ago.

Every now and then, I consider putting in one ourselves... but I worry about the little kids, and Brian is just not interested whatsoever.  He is allergic to chlorine, and pools also take a lot of maintenance which he wouldn't have time for and I'm not sure I would either. 

But oh, do I ever miss it.

I wonder how much of a pain it would be to have one of these  Endless Pools .   You can get locking covers for them, to protect them from little ones, keep them clean, and keep humidity down.    You can even put them indoors.  Expensive, though... they are expensive. 

Tags: exercise, ramblings of a tired mind, why is life always better in the past
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