Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Tweaked my Sims 3 Curious brothers. :)

These are the original Curious brothers I had uploaded to the Exchange last summer, but tweaked a bit (since I discovered you could use testingcheats and then shift-click on the sim to edit their FACE and BODY in CAS. I don't know if that's a new thing introduced with Generations but I think it is, since I probably would have noticed it before if it had been there. ^_^

I uploaded them to the Exchange again but the new versions are not showing yet. However, I also uploaded them to my eSnips page (link at bottom.)

Vidcund.  He's about the same as I made him a year ago... I think I adjusted his nose a bit to make it sharper, gave him TS3 Store hair, and... of course... gave him chest hair.  :P

D'awwww.... yes he's my favorite.  <3

Now, on to Lazlo... I adjusted his face a bit, and of course gave him body hair too. I don't think he looks as much like the TS2 version as I'd like, but I'm still pleased with him.



And finally, Pascal. He was the one I worked on the most, and he's the one that gave me the most fits. You wouldn't think he'd be that hard to make, but he has distinctive features that just do not seem to transfer well into a TS3 sim. But, this was what I came up with and I must say I do like him better than my first version.



I did give them all personalities that I thought suited them, but if you want to give them something different, it's easy to do. :) Just put in the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, and then shift-click on the active sim. You will get an option to "modify traits" (and also to modify the whole sim if you like, which is how this post came about lol.)

Also, they were created as brothers in CAS and have the family ties, but when I tested the original version by downloading them and putting them into my game, sometimes the family ties were mysteriously severed. Not always, and not always with the same sims... sometimes Vidcund and Lazlo would still be brothers, for example, and Pascal wouldn't be. Sometimes they all three would be. Sometimes none of them would be. It seems to be rather random... but if you put them in your game and want them to be brothers and they are not showing up that way, just keep trying to place them in a lot until they are.

eSnips download here  !!!

They should show up on the Exchange eventually too... just make sure you are getting the ones from June of 2011, not the originals from 2010.  The originals are okay, but I like these better.  :D
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