Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Sims 3 Ripp Grunt... a work in progress

Since we can now "edit sims in CAS" after they are saved on a lot, I decided to pull out my attempt at Ripp Grunt and play around with him. I know something is not right about him, though... he has a very difficult face to bring to Sims 3 I think. Especially since I don't have any slider hacks.

Anyway, I'd like some feedback on what do you guys think needs work? Like what parts of his face aren't quite "there" and why, so I can go back in with a better idea and tweak him some more.    :)


Profile pic. Yes his hair is horrible, omg. It was the nearest thing I had to his standard TS2 haircut but... ew, lol. Aside from the horrible hair, though... I think I might have his nose almost right, but not sure about his jaw/chin area.


Angle more from the front. I know the shadows are weird... that's TS3 for you though.


Another profile in different lighting. I don't know why his hair looks so red lol.


And another frontal shot.


Doing a TS3 animation. :P

So... suggestions? I think I have a good start on him, but I know he could be better!! :D
Tags: misc sims 3
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