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Adventures in DayZ

I've started playing a game called DayZ... and I've gotten completely hooked, lol.  I've decided to take a page from some other players' books and write a little story about my adventures.   For those who don't know, DayZ is a mod of the Arma II game, and it's you, trying to survive a zombie apocolypse, and other players who might kill you on sight.  I've died in it SO many times already... and every time you die you have to start over.   As in, you lose all of your stuff, and you begin again.  Fun for all!  :D

Anyway, here's some of my latest adventure in DayZ....

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Day 0:

I woke up lying on the ground, the salt tang in the air and the sound of surf telling me I was on the shore before I even opened my eyes. Rolling over, I grunted as I got to my feet and surveyed my surroundings.

Belota. I was pretty sure I was near Belota Air Base. If I squinted hard enough, I fancied I could see the unmistakable shape of the control tower in the distance. I decided I would head that way.

Between the air base and myself was a small village completely over-run with zombies. What in the world made them all come here, I wondered, as I carefully crawled through the weeds and rocks. Then, I wondered no longer, as I heard the buzzing of flies and spied two corpses lying on the steps of a small house. It was clear the horde of zombies had chased these two unfortunate souls, who knows how far... and having killed them, were still wandering around aimlessly.

I managed to crawl to the corpses unnoticed, and quickly examined them. Neither one of the bodies had any useful items, but I noticed a hatchet lying on the porch of the house. Was this what the hapless people were trying to obtain when they died? I had no way of knowing, and didn't take the time to wonder about it for long. I scooped up the hatchet myself.

I poked around the village a little, hoping to find some more useful items, and I was rewarded with a few food items, a map, and a hunting knife. But my most precious item by far was the hatchet, as I used it to kill the zombies I was unable to avoid and thus keep them from killing me.

Heading out of the village, I trotted toward the airbase, keeping my head low but making good time. I seemed to have left most of the zombies behind, and I was able to enter the control tower without incident. My trek from the beach to my present location had left me quite thirsty, so I took a moment to relax on the floor of the control tower and drink a Pepsi I had found in the village.

Thus refreshed, I resumed my search of the tower. It yielded several bandages and some ammunition for weapons I didn't posess. I left the magazines and slugs lying where I found them as I had no use for them. The bandages I took, of course, and an empty canteen. I could fill it with fresh water should I find a source.

What I was hoping to find were matches... some way to build a fire. If I had that, what with my hatchet, canteen, and hunting knife, I could head to the woods and live off the land. It wasn't, perhaps, the loftiest of goals, but it was the only one I had at the present time.

After a thorough search of the airbase yielded nothing else useful, I thought about what I should do. My instinct told me to head for higher and woodsier ground, but there was still the not-so-small problem of not being able to make fire. I couldn't rest yet. I had to keep searching.

I checked my map and decided to head toward the village of Bor. On my way there I was able to kill and dress a rabbit. I stowed the meat away as best as I could, hoping to find a way to cook it soon.

I soon realized Bor would offer me nothing of value. The buildings were all sealed tight against me, and the place was full of zombies. I did manage to find a can of sardines in the coat pocket of a zombie I killed, and I gratefully took it with me.

Pulling out my map again, I decided to head for the farm town of Drozhino, and when a search of its few buildings came up with nothing of use to me, I continued on to the larger city of Zelenogorsk.

I arrived in Zeleno and hurried into the darkness and relative safety of a large barn as quickly as I could. Crouched in a corner of the structure, I ate the sardines, drank some more canned soda and tried to rest as best as I could. Darkness was falling, and I decided to take up my search again in the morning... if I was still alive.

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