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Sims 3 Aliens! (Spoilers)

So, as most of you know I'm sure, Sims 3 Seasons brought alien abduction and male Sim pregnancy from abduction back to the game. YESSSSSS! :D :D I had no idea how much I'd missed it, but it was so awesome to have it again.

(Spoilers ahead!!!) 

In the Sims 3, Sims are not abducted from stargazing at the telescope. They are just... taken... and they have no choice in the matter whatsoever.   Yes, that's my Vidcund Curious being sucked up there.  Who else?  :P

The sims will return with a "probed" moodlet. After several hours, this disappears and the males will get a moodlet called "unexpected weight gain" which lasts until they give birth.

There is no pregnant body morph for the males. They just simply gain weight. They do, however, take on a pregnant waddle toward the end, and periodically, their abdomens will take on an erie green glow. Still, the poor guys have no clue what is about to happen and will continue to go to work... no maternity leave for them!

In fact, poor Vidcund here nearly had his little bundle of joy at the lab. Wow, wouldn't that have caused a stir!

Everyone welcome Blit Curious! 

Now, remember how I said the sims have no choice as to whether or not they get abducted?  This is true.  However, they do have a choice when it comes to raising the alien spawn.  At the birth, you get an option to send the baby back to the home world if you wish.   I haven't done that yet, so I don't know exactly what happens.  

D'awww. Now, this feels like coming home again! :D

Ever the proud papa, Vidcund took his little girl around town to show her off.

Here she is as a child.  She's added Inappropriate to her traits of Genius and Easily Impressed.  She never seems to know how to dress or act which seems oddly appropriate for an alien. 

She considered being a cowplant for Halloween, but in the end decided on something else for Trick or Treat...

Of course.  Boo! 

When Blit became a teenager, was when her alien heritage really began to show.

She gained the ability to scan objects to send the information back to her homeworld, and she was always being caught with that little disc in her hands...

Makes you wonder exactly what else she's up to!

The teenage and adult Alien sims no longer have an Energy need.  Instead, they have Brain Power, which gets depleted and has to be restored.  They can restore it by resting in a chair or on a bed and doing this... whatever this is. 

Pretty colors!  Yeah, they look totally stoned when they do this, it's hilarious.  :D

They can also gain Brain Power by consuming space rocks that they find.  They pick it up and just suck it in somehow.

Alien sims use their Brain Power for a number of things.  They can repair broken objects, as Blit is doing here.  They can also Bio-boost or Bio-drain other sims (raises or lowers their needs), Scan other sims (tells them the other sim's traits) and Mind Control other sims (not sure what that does...)

They can also summon giant fiery meteors from space. 

I love how she's giggling as the ball of doom gets closer!

BOOM.  Luckily no one died...

...this time. 

Blit isn't all fire and doom however.  She has a softer side.

And while she's still not completely sure how life on this planet works, she's figuring it out. 

Well, sort of...

Blit, what are you doing?  Blit, no!  Stop!

Hahaha... she's just kidding everybody!  Just kidding!

Oh Blit, we love you! 

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