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Love is in the Air... World of Warcraft

This was a challenge on my RP guild's forum site, to write a short story about the current WoW holiday, Love Is In the Air, as it pertains to your character.  My character is a level 90 female gnome mage named Bimbie Fizzleblink, and this was my entry.   :)



Bimbie Fizzleblink blew her nose noisily and rubbed her eyes behind the thick yellow goggles she wore. The clouds of perfume that hung over Stormwind City were simply terrible for her allergies. Yet she had to bear it. She was here on a very special mission... to find a gift for her latest creation.

She glanced behind her. Yes, the clockwork gnome was still there. Still following her with creaking, metallic steps. Still burbling happily to her in a series of beeps and whistles. Still puffing steam from his seams. Still dripping oil from his joints. Still there. Still following her.

Bimbie smiled and took the metal hand of the robot.

Still perfect.

She led him over to a young female goblin at the counter, whose eyes lit up like lasers at the word "purchase" when Bimbie said she'd like to purchase a gift for Love is In the Air.

"Yes, ma'am!" the goblin screamed. "Whateva' you want, I got it right here!" She shoved a large velvet box into Bimbie's face, and bellowed happily, "A new dress!" Tossing the velvet box aside, she then lifted a heart-shaped box tied with a red ribbon, yelling, "Candy!"

"N... no." Bimbie stammered. "I was thinking of a gift for..." she trailed off, a bit embarrassed, then shook her head. This was a goblin, after all. "It's for him." She pulled the clockwork gnome forward.

"Oh..." the goblin said, her carmine eyes flicking toward the robot. "Oh, I see." Grinning, she reached under the counter. "I have just the thing." She held out her hand to Bimbie, whatever it was she had pulled from under the counter enclosed in her fist. "Here," she said quietly, smiling. "Free of charge."

Bimbie warily held out her hand, and the goblin dropped something into it. Bimbie held it up and looked at it more closely.

It was a gear. Well, it had been a gear. It could obviously no longer be used, since it was bent and distorted...

... into the shape of a heart.

Bimbie raised her goggles to her forehead and looked at the female goblin, speechless.

The goblin smiled and shrugged. "One of our motorbikes musta' threw that gear on our way here," she murmured. "Neva' did find out where it came from. Saw it lying next to the road and I picked it up." She trailed a toe on the ground bashfully. "Do you like it?"

Bimbie clasped it in her palm. "Yes," she said. "Yes, it's perfect."

"Good!" the goblin shrieked. "Anotha' satisfied customa'! Who's next?"

Bimbie walked away from the counter and the clockwork gnome followed her. She turned to him and wiped a smear of oil from his shoulder. "I have something for you," she said softly. "It's for Love is in the Air." The clockwork gnome beeped in reply.

Stepping away from the crowds, Bimbie reached into her pocket and pulled out a soldering iron. At a word from the mage, the tip of the iron flamed and grew red-hot. She held up the heart-shaped gear and beckoned the robot close to her.

And then she carefully soldered the gear onto the clockwork gnome's chest, right over his heart.

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