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CHALLENGE 005: Short story: Prompt: What do you think of (your) child/ren?

This is a challenge story that's set in the "universe" of To Fear the Dawn.  Remember the scene in the doctor's waiting room with a pregnant Erin and ecstatic Ajay?  

CHALLENGE 005: Short story
Word Count:  415
Pictures: 5

New Dawn

"Okay, I think we’ll put the crib against this wall,” Erin Loner said to her husband Ajay.   “and that will give us plenty of room for the changing table over here and the easy chair in this corner.”  She indicated the heavy piece of furniture with her hand and motioned toward the corner she wanted it to be pushed into.


Obligingly, Ajay struggled to move the dusky pink and incredibly solid chair.  It was only the fourth or fifth time he’d done it that day.  He hoped it would finally be right, but even if it wasn’t, he didn’t mind.  He’d move it again and again.  A hundred times, if he had to, and without the slightest complaint.  He was that thrilled to be having a beautiful baby girl. 



He and his wife Erin were both overjoyed beyond words.   The child meant so much for them.  New life and new hope.  New beginnings, full of happiness and light, after the dark and damned existence they had both lived not so very long ago. 

There had been a time when Ajay thought the blessings of a child were far beyond his reach.  True, it hadn’t been a top priority in his life up to that point, but when even the possibility had been snatched from him in a haze of sharp pain and dizziness, followed by an icy chill and the lust for living blood to fill the dead void inside him, he had bitterly mourned its loss. 



Erin had mourned as well.  

Yet, despite the cold and the death surrounding them… despite their cursed existence, the two of them had managed to find love.  If they could have nothing else, they thought… if nothing else, they could have this.  They could still hold each other, comfort and console each other.  If nothing else!



Then the cure had been found… the wondrous cure… and their miracle was begun.

“Well, I think it looks the best like that.”  Erin proclaimed as Ajay maneuvered the chair into place.   She sighed, looking around the room.  “It looks perfect, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” Ajay agreed.  “Now it’s all ready.”

“It’s a good thing, too.”  Erin replied in an odd voice, grimacing and placing a hand quickly to her abdomen.

“Why?” Ajay asked, turning to his wife with concern.



“My water just broke.” 


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