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Blips: Fun Stuff: Dilute the Ugly Gene Challenge

So a while back I did a speeded-up dilute the ugly gene pseudo-challenge in a virgin Strangetown.  I had all the pictures saved on Photobucket and I decided to share them with you!


My own personal rules for this Challenge were that any and all cheating is allowed except for all babies will be taken “as is” (no saving and making the sim have the baby again to get something different) and males must become pregnant by (cheated!) alien abductions only. So we’re going to be getting some alien genes in there too. How fun!

Here we go!!

This is our founder, Pretty Fugly.  Nope, she surely won’t be winning any beauty contests any time soon.

We get the
typical Strangetown welcome wagon and I thought, hey... this is okay! She needs a guy with strong features, right? And Vidcund tends to stamp all his progeny as his, so why not? 

Don’t feel bad, Vid... it *is*
a hacked bed.  You can’t help it.

See? He
does feel bad

sped up the pregnancy (look! Vid’s still around!) and Pretty gave birth to a boy, Vincent.

as a toddler. Ummm... looks like Vid’s genes aren’t as strong as I thought.

as an adult. Hey, Plantsims can grow directly from toddler to adult, right? Well, now humans can, too. 

For some reason, Vince and his dad
did NOT get along very well. Vid, you don’t even live here!  You've made your sperm deposit, now go home!

Since Vince is a male, his only route to pregnancy in my world is via abduction. So...
off you go!

And here we have little Venus... oh my... Well, at least introducing alien genetics took care of the NOSE problem!

as an adult.

Nope, they
still don’t like each other.

“I think
somehow we’re related but since it doesn’t show up in the relationship panel, I say we go for it.”

Well okay, lol!

And here we
have little Plato... Venus and Pascal’s son. Hmm... he’s inherited Pascal’s eyes. That can only bode well... except for the fact that he’ll have to have his own child by alien abduction, but anyway... 

speeded into adulthood and provided the first ever daytime abduction 

(cheated, of course... like 95% of this whole story).

Baby Mercury. Hmm... she appears to take fully after the
alien side of the family.  Could the ugly gene be on its way to being diluted already?

as an adult. Some players would call the challenge over at this point since she does look like a "normal" alien without any hint of the deformed genes I started with, but I wanted to keep playing to see if there were any genetic throwbacks... of course who did I get to be
the father of Mercury’s baby but LAZLO, hee hee. 

Looks promising for little Lucian!

as a toddler. Well, there’s still some alien genes in there, you can tell... but I dunno. He looks like he might be okay, right?

as an adult.  Challenge finished? No way... I still wanted to see if there were any throwbacks to bad genes!

off you go! Yes, he’s Lazlo’s kid all right!


here’s little Tash! Geez, looks like this challenge is going to go from a dilute the ugly gene to a dilute the alien gene!  You know... if one wanted to dilute alien genes... 

as an adult.

coming back from his abduction.  You know, he didn’t get pregnant from the abduction and it took me forever to figure out why. I *think* it’s because he was too closely related to the pollination technician! It was the only thing I could think of. I’d been killing off sims as I was done with them here and there, so I only had five sims on the lot... he was an adult (I checked to make sure I hadn’t just grown him to a teen but nope... he was an adult!) So I sent him up a second time and still no pregnancy, so it had to be the too-close relation thing. I totally didn't know the game would do that, but it was the only thing that makes sense. Interesting, but that’s what the Insim is for!

Welcome little Avril!  She looks just like her mother/father/brother (they had the same polli tech for a father after all.)  I’m just tickled pink she was a girl! 

as an adult.

Avril’s sperm donor... a very
grown up Blair Mace who dropped out of college and moved right in with the Fuglies.

Vidcund just
hates everyone in that house. It’s that darn telescope! But I can’t take it away from them! Ah well...

little Bryce looks very promising, doesn’t he?

look at that... challenge over? Perhaps!

Told you
Vid hates everyone in that house.

Drumroll please! I am declaring this challenge officially over with the eighth generation! Say hello to
an adult Bryce Fugly!  He has Lazlo’s eyes but in everything else I think he looks like Blair. I still don’t know if he would throwback to the ugly genes or not, but I think I’m pretty well satisfied!

That was fun!!

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