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Sims Discussion: About ACR...

So I'm thinking about installing ACR again.  All the talk on these forums got me thinking it might be fun.  The last time I had it, though... my kids didn't play the Sims.  

My oldest daughter (age 11) plays it only occasionally now but she does play it.  I don't take out my nudist hack when she does.  I figure Sim nudity isn't that suggestive and it's *just* nudity.  I'm a big proponent of "nudity" NOT equating to "dirty" because the human body is nothing to be ashamed of.  Sex isn't either, but age 11 really is a bit tender to be getting down and gritty with bumping uglies, KWIM?  

When my daughter plays, she hardly EVER has her sims woohoo.  Of course she doesn't... I mean, she's not into that sort of thing, know what I mean?  I do watch her play over her shoulder and she uses Insim or the Tombstone of L&D to get her sims pregnant.  Lots of times she has families of three or four sisters plus their pets and/or just single Sim moms with a kid or two who were products of immaculate conception.  She likes the clothes, the hairstyles, the pets, the gardening, going to the beach, dancing, etc.  Kid stuff. 

Sooo... that being said, I'm a bit iffy on putting in ACR in a game she plays as well.  I don't want her sims going off and doing the deed all over her neighborhood since that's not the way she generally plays (and let's face it, I don't want to have to explain why I have such a mod and why I enjoy playing with it! *blushes*)

However, I do remember needing to spawn an adjuster in ACR and set up the neighborhood controllers, etc.  So if that step isn't done, does that null and void ACR?  So if I just don't say anything about it to my daughter, and she doesn't spawn the adjuster and set up her 'hood for ACR, do I not need to worry about it?

I'm no stranger to adult Sim mods.  I d/l them, giggle over them, and take them out of my game into a separate folder on my desktop when my daughter has access to the computer.  But ACR isn't that simple... it's not like it's an object mod like a masterbation mirror or autonomous woohoo bed.  It's a global mod and can't easily be popped in and out.

What do you all think?  If we just ignore the mod in her 'hood and not spawn the adjuster, will the game ignore the ACR?

Thanks all!


Tags: blips, sims discussion
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