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Blips: Selfsim Antics: A Day in the Life


Hope you enjoy!

Rise and Shine!  

My selfsim doesn't function without coffee.  And lots of it.

**on computer**

**Feeds baby**

"Dear?  Time to get up.  Your coffee's ready."

Husband:  "Well, I better get going... I need to get started on the spraying early, and then we have to fix tile over in the north field, and then I'm hoping to plant some corn today..."

Me:  "See you later, honey." 

"Time to get up, girls!" 

"Wakey wakey!  Time to get up!" 

**cooks breakfast**

**feeding time at the zoo**

"Have a good day at school everyone!"


**thinking** "If I hurry, maybe I can post a little something before---"

Well, maybe another time!

"We wanna eat!  We wanna eat NOW!"  **flails arms and kicks feet**

Me: "Here comes the airplane!  Zoooooooom!  Yum, yum... isn't that delicious?" 

Toddler:  **is not amused**

Playtime for the toddlers.

**Feeds baby**

**Changes baby**

**/begin cleaning**

"Mama I hungwy."

**/end cleaning**

**Serves lunch**


**Feed baby**

**Change baby**

**Does laundry**

**on computer**   Okay, yeah, I probably ought to be exercising or something during my "me" time, but you know what I say?  SCREW THAT!!! 

"We're home!  Mom?  Moooom!  Mom!  We're home!  Mom!" 

"Mom!  Hey Mom!  Hey!  Mom?  Guess what!  You'll never guess.  Are you going to guess?  Mom?  Guess what happened today!  Mom!  Mom!!"

**Is too cool to announce her presence**

Guess who's awake? 

**Feeds baby**

**Changes baby**


Me: **still cooking**

#2: "What are we having for dinner, Mom?  Mom?  What are we having?"

#3:  "Is it going to be done soon, Mom?  Mom!  Mom?  When is it going to be done?

Me:  **still cooking**

#2:  "Nanner nanner nanner!" 

#3: "Quit it!  MOM!"

#1"  **whines**  "Mom, the two little girls got into my makeup again.  Why can't they stay out of my stuff?"

Me:  (to #1)   "I hear your baby brother.  Can you hold him while I finish this please?" 

"But I don't want to hold him!  All he does is cry!" 

Me: (from kitchen)  "You'll hold him or you won't get to eat!  How about that?" 

#1:  ((sighs))

**Everybody talks about their day."

Toddlers need to eat, too!

**Feeds baby.**

**Washes dishes**

**Bathes toddlers**

**Puts toddlers to bed.**  Yay!!!! 

**Helps  older kids finish homework.**

**Puts away toys while older kids take baths**

**Folds laundry**

**Puts away laundry**

"Good night, baby."

"Sleep tight!"

"Don't let the bedbugs bite!" 

Me:  "Guess it's just you and me now, huh?"

**Feeds baby**

Baby:  *burps*

**On computer**

Husband:  "Honey, I'm home!"

Husband:  "So what did you do all day?"

Me:  "Oh, nothing." 


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