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Blips: Spam: So what's going on in my "real" game?


In addition to my “story” game, I have a “real” game that I play off and on, where there's no set storyline and I play just for fun.   

In it, my selfsim (who is living under an assumed name)  is shacking up with the Curious brothers and being a sperm dumpster. 


 Who’s the daddy anyway? 


I don't think anyone really knows.  Or cares, for that matter, lol.


 Circe is dead, (yaaaay!!)


Loki is married to a Contessa and has two really mean kids who split his trademark genetics between them.  The boy got the brows, and the girl got the nose.  **giggles**


 And Nervous has become one-half of one of my most favorite Sim couples ever…

 Nervous Subject and Chester Gieke.   Awww…  

They married, and they adopted a little toddler girl, Amalthea.

I don’t know if any of you have ever seen the movie “The Last Unicorn” but that was the inspiration for Amalthea.    In my mind she’s a very enchanted child, and no one knows where she came from or how she ended up at the orphanage.

Right about the time Amalthea became a child I decided I was going to cheat Nervous a pregnancy by Chester.  I just wanted to see what their kids together would look like.

And here’s little Carl.  Nervous all over again with Chester’s eyes!


Nervous is still best friends with Pascal.   Nothing romantic going on though.  


“Bask in the ambiance, my friend… bask in the ambiance.” 

I'm sure I'll post more adventures from my playtime game as time goes on! 


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