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blips: Pale Horse Riders: Outtakes: Or, Why I Never Play with Inteen.

Possible slight spoiler if you look at the way Vidcund is dressed, but I couldn't *not* post this.  

I KNEW there was a reason I didn' t like the Inteenimator.    Three words:  STRANGE SHIT HAPPENS.  (glares)    Okay, so I'm setting up to take some screenshots and... where's Vid?  He's pretty important to these shots... ummmm... ?

Oh, he was AT SCHOOL.  O_o

Teaching?  Nope.  He received a gradecard!

Hmm.  Looks like being out of school for 25 years really take its toll on retained knowledge.

That's right, Vid.  Crumpling up the report card will help.  Screw them, anyway.  

Still, you better get to doing that homework if you don't want Melvin to find out you can't pass tenth grade science!  

Yes that was fun.  No, I'm not going to continue to have the Inteenimator.  Cripes... I only download it becaue it allows for the possiblity of Sim miscarriages which I think adds just that little bit of extra realism to the game and I think it's reasonable... you don't take care of your preggie sim, she could lose the baby, right?   But it's not worth all these glitches I always have.  (shrugs)

They sure are funny though!   XD
Tags: blips, outtakes, pale horse riders
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