Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Sims Discussion: Poison's Bend: Author's Notes

The next story I'm going to post is based upon the Black Widow Challenge on TSR.

Essentially, in the challenge, your CAS sim is to move in and/or marry 10 Townies and/or NPC's, killing them off and moving on to the next.  You know, normal Black Widow stuff. 

I decided to give it a Strangetown flavor, and instead of using Townies/NPC's, I'm using our well-known and much-loved male Strangetown denizens, with one exception.

The ten males who will make an appearance (however brief) in my upcoming tale are: (in no particular order) 

Pascal Curious
Vidcund Curious
Lazlo Curious
General Buzz Grunt
Ripp Grunt
Tank Grunt
Johnny Smith
Nervous Subject
Ajay Loner
Favorite Downtownie Sperm Donor Guy (who is the only Townie in this, lol) 

I also wrote the story right after I installed Seasons, so there will be a lot of references to weather (wink) even though there may not be a lot of snow or storms in the Desert, I took artistic liscense with that, lol.   

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy... look for the first post to be up soon!

Tags: author's notes, poison's bend
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