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Poison's Bend; a Tale of a Strangetown Black Widow




Poison's Bend:  Chapter 1

They say madness runs in my family. 

They say it runs deep, like a poisoned well.

They warned my mother not to have children; especially daughters, as the madness would likely be passed to them as well. When she defied them all and gave birth to me, they drove her out… cast her down… hunted her like a dog and caused her eventual death.

They assumed I died too; left a child and orphaned.  They were happy about that.

Yet they assumed wrong. I lived.


I was there. I watched my mother’s descent into the darkness.  The same darkness that flickered around the edges of her soul throughout her entire life and finally consumed her. The same darkness that I hear whispering to me during the bend…

They say madness runs in my family. They warned my mother not to have daughters, as they would be mad as well. 

I am not mad. I only bend.


When I do not bend, I am like the rest of you, oui?  And I want only to love… only to love… I want a family like any other woman. 

My children will not bend, girls or no.  I will not allow it.  Neither will my husbands.  Non, they will be happy, I will make them so.

Oh my, did I just say that in the plural? I did not mean it.


They say madness runs in my family. 

I am not mad. I only bend.


I moved to Strangetown on the last day of summer.  Although I was surrounded by the sands of the desert,  I was told this place knew the chill of autumn winds, and that it knew also the tang of wintry snow and the rages of summer’s thunder.  Water did not remain here; the unseen underground drainage was too great to allow that; and that was why what fell from the skies was not held within the earth for longer than a few days. However, people thrived here, and not only that, the unusual was well tolerated. I would be welcomed.

… bend …   

Why did the contractors build such a large area for a family graveyard? 



Surely I did not put that into the plans. It makes me wonder what else is in this house of which I have no recollection. Just this morning I noticed a room with no door. There were windows… two of them… visible from the outside.



Yet on the inside, there was no entrance into that room on any wall.



The contractor insists I ordered it so.   There is also a pool with a diving board, but no ladder.



Of course that could have been an oversight. I must have a ladder installed straightaway.  That could be dangerous, n'est-ce pas?  



So many eligible bachelors in this town!

I wonder what exactly happened to all the women?  I had heard a rumor that an alien race has something to do with the overabundance of male births; females are useless to them, I’m told, and so, years before, they caused something in the air to change and favor the birth of males in order to satisfy their own ends. 

Aliens or not, however, it appears I may have come to exactly the right place to find a husband, and should things not work out between us, as sometimes unfortunately happens, there will be plenty of other men to maim… I mean, marry.

I should definitely get that pool ladder installed. Oui, that is next on my list. 

… bend…

This is odd. What use would there be for a pair of scissors this large?



Surely, this is a prank of some sort. And this… what is this?



This is hideous and looks as though it would never fly.  Why in the world would I buy this? 

No matter. 

... bend....

To Be Continued...

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