Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

To Fear the Dawn

To Fear the Dawn: Chapter 1

The vampire was restless.

It was always the same. No matter where he settled, it came down to this in the end. He would hunt, he would feed. He would take life, true, but he would also give it, in an altered yet beautiful form.

Reginald sighed. Was he so wrong?  Was he so sinful?

Those to whom he gave his wondrous gift of immortality were seldom thankful, and they would always, inevitably, turn against him. It hurt him badly that his offspring treated him thus. Didn’t they understand they were as children to him? The only progeny he could rightfully claim as his?
Yet he could never quite instill in his young the satisfaction...the gratification of the hunt.

They still remained too repulsed by the act. They still remained too human. In the end, most of them starved, or turned to ash at the dawn. Reginald feared the dawn. To him, the sunrise was not beautiful, it was death.

To fear the dawn was a vampire’s due. He was, after all, a creature of the night.

He drummed his fingers uneasily on the tabletop. It was time to move on.  There was nothing left for him here, in this village once called Veronaville. He thought he would settle in Strangetown. Perhaps there, he reasoned, he would be able to form an order... a community of sorts... beginning with himself and his progeny... yes, he believed Strangetown would be perfect.

Reginald transformed into a bat and quickly slipped through the sultry night air toward the desert, where he knew Strangetown lay. 

To Be Continued...

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