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Poison's Bend... A Tale of a Strangetown Black Widow




Poison's Bend: Chapter 4

Warnings: partial nudity, implied sex, adult themes
(yes guys, this was the scene that was banned from TSR... you tell me if you think it was warranted :P...)

I was truly saddened by Nervous' death.

Oui, he and I had our differences, and I had been quite angry at him for his deception and for breaking off our engagement... but I had loved him still.  How unfortunate the gardening accident in the conservatory had taken his life! 

Yet, he was gone... and I was alive... and life, as they say, goes on.

Pascal Curious soon became a fixed constant in my life; visiting me nearly every day. He made it very clear he was romantically interested in me, and I could not deny it; I was just as interested in him. Before many weeks had passed, we had fallen in love.



I asked him if he would come to live with me, as my home felt so large and empty.  Pascal had not known Nervous and I had been engaged, but he did realize we had been close and that I felt very isolated and lonely since the tragedy.

He accepted, on the condition his alien-spawned son, Gideon, would be welcomed as well. 

I hesitated. Yes, I loved children dearly, but Gideon was very close to becoming a teenager. He might not take kindly to his father’s new love interest and could reject me and cause problems in our marriage. However, I reminded myself that he was unlike other children born on this earth, and perhaps could be wanting a stepmother more so than most.


Furthermore, just because Pascal already had a son, that did not mean he wouldn’t want other children, would it?

Non, certainly not!

“Of course, Pascal!” I enthused. “Gideon comes along with you; I knew that from the beginning. I’m sorry there isn’t a bedroom decorated specifically for a little boy in this house, but that can quickly change.  There are plenty of bedrooms here. I made sure of that!” Smiling, I threaded my hand through his. “I want to have many, many children, you know.”

“Exactly how many?” Pascal asked, frowning.  Then he quickly added, “...bedrooms, I mean?”


“Five,” I replied. “Three up, two down.” 

“Oh,” he said, still frowning thoughtfully. Then he sighed deeply.

“Is there a problem?”

“No,” he said quickly, seeming to come to a decision and taking me in his arms. “It’s good you have plenty of room because... well, I must tell you, Aerin... I don’t have a lot of easily liquidated money.  What funds our parents left us, my brothers and I used to build our house and observatory. It’s worth quite a bit, actually, but I can’t very well take it with me when I move. So, I’m afraid if you were going to be marrying me for my net worth, then you’re out of luck there.”


There was a slight smile on his face.

“Look around you, silly man,” I said, indicating the home I  had built with the money left to me by my mother.  “Why on earth would I want to marry you for your mon...” Suddenly I realized what he had said and I gasped. “Did you just say, ‘marry you’?”

He dropped to one knee.


“Will you marry me?” he whispered. “Aerin, I love you, and I want you to be my wife. Please say you will.”

“Yes!” I breathed. “Oh, yes...” 

I leapt into his arms, thinking this time, I would be happy. 

Oui, I would make it so!


Our wedding was a small and quiet affair.



Although I had always dreamed of a large ceremony, such an event would have taken quite of bit of time to facilitate, and Pascal wanted to be married as soon as possible. 

“It’s the marriage that is important,” he said reasonably. “not the ceremony, and I’m afraid I’m not one for a lot of frivolity.” He arched an eyebrow suggestively. “ least, not that kind of frivolity.”

I shivered with anticipation. 

Being rejected by Nervous in the bedroom had dampened my self-esteem quite a bit in that particular area. Even though I knew it had been because he was gay and not because of me, his refusal still had a serious impact on how I felt about intimacy. However, I was confident Pascal would help me rediscover my own desire, and I was right.


It had been painful, especially in the beginning, but he was gentle.

I had not known it was possible to feel so close to another human being.


This was love. I knew that now. 

Afterward, he pulled me close to him and drifted off to sleep, soothed by the trance-like state lovemaking induces in all men. I was not as drowsy, but had no desire to get up, and simply enjoyed being close with my husband, laying in the darkness of the room, feeling the softness of the bed and the warmth of his sleeping body, until I, too, finally slept.


Sometime during the night it began to snow.  I vaguely heard the sound of whistling winds and saw the flakes flying against the windows. It gave me a feeling of deep satisfaction... knowing the blizzard was outside, and within there was warmth and love. I sighed with contentment and was lulled back into slumber.

The next time I woke it was lighter in the room, and I immediately turned toward the warmth next to me. Pascal was awake, propped up on one elbow, just watching me with his beautiful dark blue eyes. 

“What’s so interesting?” I asked, stretching.

“Just you,” he said. “Do you know I’ve never woken up beside anyone before?”



I smiled. “Neither have I.” It was true. Nervous and I had never shared the same bed to sleep, even during all the time he had lived with me. Sometimes he would come bounding in before I was awake, jumping onto the bed in order to rouse me, and I would wake up to him in that manner, but it wasn’t the same. Not at all.

“We should get moving,” Pascal said quietly. “My brother Vidcund is going to be bringing Gideon to us this morning before he goes in to work.” He pulled me close and kissed me deeply. “Much as I’d like to stay here all day...” He gave me a smile that promised of later things to come, threw back the coverlet, and got out of bed.

I sat up and groaned, surprised at how much it hurt to move.



The muscles on the inside and outside of my thighs were sore, and there was a definite soreness between them, although nothing I couldn’t tolerate.  Smiling, remembering exactly how I had developed that soreness, I realized that if I had conceived a child as I hoped, the pain would likely be much worse in those areas before all was said and done!

Welcome to the realms of womanhood!

Pascal looked at me with concern. “Anything wrong?” he asked.


“Nothing that a few more nights like last night won’t cure eventually,” I answered wryly. “I’m just feeling some... aftereffects... I suppose.” Slowly, I rose from the bed, feeling muscles ache that I didn’t even realize I had, and I groaned again, laughing softly.

“I see.” Pascal said uncertainly. He seemed torn between pride in himself and remorse. Pride won out, however, and grinning, he took me in his arms and kissed me.


“Well, I’ll make sure to be very gentle next time,” he assured. “In the meanwhile, why don’t you take a hot bath and see if that helps?” 

“Yes, I think I will,” I replied.

Oui, this was love.


I had found my place at last. 

Immersed in steaming water, I faintly heard the doorbell ring, and the voice of a child rushing through the house calling for his father.



It made me smile. If all went well, I would be hearing my own child doing the same thing in not so long a time.

It was what I wanted more than anything.


And I would have it.

I would.

To Be Continued...

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