Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Blips: Poison's Bend: Fun Stuff: or What Pascal and Aerin Learned on their Honeymoon

In my game, Pascal and Aerin both had the want to go on vacation after they got married.  It doesn't come into the story really (maybe a screenshot or two might make it in) but I decided to indulge them and send them to Twikki Island with Gideon for fun.  

One of the first things they did was learn to hula, and I made a stupid little video of it.  

Note: I had nothing to do with the song it's set to.  The song is actually from the Clorox Bleach "mermaid and pirate" commercials and someone took it and made it a full-length song.  

To me it fits the sims' hula wonderfully.  I can seriously watch the sims hula to this song for hours.  :D

Tags: blips, fun stuff, outtakes, poison's bend
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