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Blips: Poison's Bend: Aerin's house

This post is in response to  savvylegacyhag''s request to see a blueprint of Aerin's house.  I absolutely LOVE this lot, so I'm more than happy to share some pictures of it!!  

(note: I tried to make savvylegacyhag's username clickable and I failed miserably.  *is sorry*)


It all begins a few years ago (was it that long???) when I saw a made-for-TV movie called Stephen King's Rose Red.  That was one AWESOME movie, let me tell you.  Of course I had to buy the e-book too and all of that, but I digress...

One day I decided to search to see if anyone had attempted to make the mansion depicted in Rose Red for the sims, and I was very pleasantly surprised.  I found
this lot on MTS2.   

The way the lot comes from MTS2 is a "shell", and I also quickly discovered it was far too large for the capabilities of my old Dell (which is what I had when I first downloaded it.)  So, I bulldozed about half of the house away, and then put in some rooms and furniture, and then packaged it and saved it on a disc for my use (and re-use, lol.)

It changes all the time.  I'm constantly adding to it and now that I have a better computer I have put more decorations in, etc. and as I get new EP's and CC I add to it as well.    But this is how it stands as of now for Poison's Bend...

This is the front of the house from the "street." 

Overhead view.

First floor.

Second floor

Upstairs living area

I'm not sure what this room would be called.  I call it a "Florida Room" in my mind but I'm not sure that's right.  It's kind of like a sunroom I suppose, or a den.   It's upstairs.

The conservatory.  My favorite room.  What's really funny is the sims have such a low envrionment score in here because of all the leaves laying around that they can't rake and the bushes that need trimmed.  I think it looks good though.  ;0)

The master bedroom.

Another pic of the master bedroom, just cause it's funny.  ;0)   Ghost!Nervous is such a perv.

The kitchen

Music room


Downstairs living area or "library" as I will call it sometimes.  ;0)


There are other rooms I didn't highlight.  The smaller bedrooms and home office aren't that spectacular, lol... and the dining room is basically just a table, lol.  There are  three fireplaces, and an elevator as well.  :0)

You'll notice the pool has a ladder.  Gideon kept getting in it and couldn't get out.  ;0)

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