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Poison's Bend... A Tale of a Strangetown Black Widow



Poison's Bend: Chapter 7

Warnings: partial nudity, implied sex, violence


If I had thought Ripp was going to be an inept eighteen-year-old in the bedroom, I was wrong. Eighteen he was; inept he certainly was not.



Although he assured me I was his first lover, he was far more skillful than what I would have guessed.


I had to admit the fear of discovery added a certain excitement to our encounters as well.  Once, when Pascal had been promoted at work, he had been given him the rest of the day off.  When I unexpectedly heard his car pull up outside the front door, I gasped in dismay, for Ripp was still sleeping peacefully in our bed!


Luckily, I had been able to rush back to the bedroom, rouse Ripp, get him decently clothed and out through the conservatory door by the time Pascal made his way through the large house.   My breath had been racing, my heart had been pounding; the adrenaline rush was absolutely exhilarating!  



Mais oui, being with Ripp was definitely worth it!


Even more so, when six weeks into my affair with Ripp, I stood with trembling knees in front of a home pregnancy test laying on the edge of the bathroom sink, watching the blank white test window slowly develop two bright blue lines.



I was pregnant.


Now, my affair with Ripp could come to an end.

The only problem was, I didn’t want it to. 

Yes, I was nearly twice his age. Yes, he was like a gamboling puppy compared to the quiet seriousness of the man I was married to.  Yes, he was a flirt, and a tease... and likely would continue in that vein his entire life...

I loved him...


...and I was carrying his child. 



For several weeks, I debated telling Pascal the truth about my pregnancy.


In the end, I decided I could not do it. It would devastate him to know I had been unfaithful, and truly I loved him too much to hurt him in that way.

I only meant to save him from pain!

I wanted his love for all eternity. He had taken that vow, had he not?


Until death do us part...



“It’s unfortunate, ma’am,” the drawling, dark-haired policeman was sympathetic.  “Such a terrible thing, and I sure am sorry you had to see it. ‘Tweren’t no sight for a lady...”



He was referring to my husband’s charred, blackened body, after Pascal had been electrocuted by the broken dishwasher.


A dishwasher that still had electric current, even after being seemingly disconnected. 

Another building oversight, I’m sure.


Oui, I really must speak to that contractor again.


“If I were you,” the officer continued. “I’d sure have all the wiring for this whole house re-done. If one appliance was connected badly, there could be others, you know.”

“Yes,” I replied, sniffing and wiping my eyes. “Merci beaucoup, Sargeant.” I gave him a weak smile and he patted my shoulder and headed to his squad car.  My husband’s body had already been taken to be prepared for burial, and soon he would be laid to rest in the graveyard close beside Nervous.  Sighing sadly, I turned toward the house, absentmindedly rubbing my belly, where Ripp Grunt’s child lay curled comfortably inside…


I had funeral arrangements to make.

To Be Continued
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