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Blips: Poison's Bend: Author's Notes: Using the stretchskeleton cheat

Someone asked me how in the world was I able to get Aerin to lay her head on Buzz's chest in my last update.   So, instead of just sending the answer back in a PM, I thought I'd post it here for all to see and enjoy.  *wink*


The answer is the stretchskeleton cheat!!   

One can have lots of fun with the stretchskeleton cheat.    

No, that's not a praying mantis... it's a cat.   *gigglesnorts*   IT'S ATTACKING!  RUUUUNNNNN!!!! 

Ok,  the basic thing to remember about stretchskeleton is that "Normal" is 1.00   

So, if you want to make a Sim only slightly taller, say two inches taller... you would type in the cheat window    stretchskeleton 1.02      Same to make a sim approximately "two inches" smaller... you would type in the window,  
stretchskeleton .98   

To make a cat like up above, I think that was  stretchskeleton 10.00 or something like that, lol.   Just for a fun distortion.

Now, back to Aerin and Buzz.

The animation I used is the basic bed make- out animation.  Here they are before I did anything to them (this isn't from the story; I did this just for this update... see?  He's still alive... so far... *cackles* 

Okay, get on with it already...

Aaaaannddd... stop!

Okay, this is the pose I wanted, but her head's not close enough to his chest.  Time for a little move/snapobjects action!

Yes I had to move them over to the other side of the bed.  Don't ask me why, but it prevented them from stacking on top of each other, so I went with it.

Nice.  But Aerin's head is still up too high.  

Time to use stretchskeleton!!

Now, pause the game.  Make sure the sim you want is selected (in this case, Aerin) and type in your stretchskeleton cheat.

The first time I tried
stretchskeleton .85

Nope.  TOO SHORT, lol.

Next, stretchskeleton .90  


Swing around to get a better angle, and zoom in to get rid of all the funky hands, and... 

Voilla!  Head on chest!   (There are better angles to this, you can experiment and get the best ones)

Now, you must take the stretchskeleton pictures before you hit "play" again... because once you start the animations running again, the shorter sim may cause the animations to distort a bit.

And because I know you're wondering, no the cheat is NOT permanant.  I wish it could be, because it would be nice to have sims that are a few inches taller or shorter than others... but it's not.  Once you exit the lot, everything will reset.  And of course you can always put the sim back to normal height any time by typing
stretchskeleton 1.0

I hope this answered the question, lol!  And that you all have lots of fun with stretchskeleton!!!   It's a hoot... it really is! 


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