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To Fear the Dawn



To Fear the Dawn:  Chapter 2

It was a quiet night at Number Two, Cover Up Road in Strangetown.

The three brothers who lived there, completely oblivious to the impending visitor to their town, were having a companionable evening together while they waited for a most unusual event. Lazlo Curious, the youngest, contemplated the slices of pizza in the carry-out box as intently as he would a diamond ring, fiinally selecting a piece and flinging himself on a chair to eat it.

“You know,” he said around a mouthful of pizza, “I’ve been thinking...”

“That would be a first,” commented his older brother Vidcund, who was watching Lazlo eat with a slightly disgusted look on his face. Vidcund never could figure out how Lazlo came to be so sloppy...not when he and their other brother, Pascal, were so meticulous.

“You crack me up,” Lazlo said drily. “No, really...I was thinking we should hire someone to help out around here after Pascal’s baby comes. You know, like a live-in nanny.”

“There’s no need to waste the money,” Vidcund commented, turning back to his book. “We can handle it. It’s only a baby. How much work could one baby be?”

“I agree.” Pascal said, slowly standing up and rubbing his lower back.

Pascal was the oldest brother, and he was pregnant. His baby was due any time, and that was, in fact, the unusual event the trio were anxiously awaiting...the birth of Pascal’s alien child.




Pascal’s unusual pregnancy had come about by some innocent stargazing, and Pascal wasn’t sorry, in spite of the discomforts of gestation and the sheer oddness of it all. Meeting aliens had been a momentous experience, regardless of what they had done to him.

He actually didn’t remember everything they had done, come to think of it, although he knew an extremely long and painful probe had been involved. He still had nightmares about that sometimes.

“Ow!” he said suddenly, his hands flying to his abdomen.

“What?” Vidcund cried, dropping his book. “Is it...?”

“AARRRRGHH!” Pascal screamed in reply.

“This is it!” Lazlo exclaimed happily. “Hang in there, can do it!”

That’s what he thinks, Pascal thought to himself as another wave of pain washed over him. I really don’t think I can...

However, almost before Pascal knew it, he was cradling a tiny infant in his arms. A baby boy, with pale green skin and Pascal’s own blue eyes. He decided to name him Orion.

Pascal gently and wonderingly lay the new arrival in the crib which had been made ready for him and carefully walked back out to the kitchen. He saw Lazlo still devouring the pizza.

“Where’s Vidcund?” Pascal asked.

“Said he was going to stargaze,” Lazlo replied nonchalantly.

“Stargaze!” Pascal exclaimed, as the two brothers heard a horribly loud whirring noise coming from above their heads. “Oh, shit...”

Pascal flew up the stairs to the roof, Lazlo close on his heels. They arrived just in time to see their middle brother pulled up into an alien spacecraft, and as the ship quickly disappeared from view with Vidcund aboard, Pascal shook his head slowly.

“I wonder if he really understands what he’ll be in for," he said over his shoulder to Lazlo.  "You know, he’ll probably come back pregnant...”

“I told you we needed to hire some help,” Lazlo said curtly, and trooped back down the stairs to finish his pizza.


To Be Continued...

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