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Fun Stuff: The Sims 2 Castaways Stories

So I was out shopping today (GASP!) and I was perusing the computer games and came across the Sims 2 Castaways for the PC.  Meh... who needs the 20-some odd dollars, says I.  So I bought it and decided to try it out.   Getting shipwrecked sounded like it might be fun for a change, lol!

Of couse the first thing I wanted to find out was if my Allen ABQ hairy skins were compatible.  I'm very happy to report that THEY ARE!!  WOOT!!!  I don't know about other downloads... that was the first one I've tried and the only one so far.

I did also try to copy my savedsims folder to Castaways so I could have some Curious and Grunt clones in the game, but that was obviously not compatible because the game crashed when trying to load.  So I wouldn't get to use my "real" Curious or Grunt clones...  bummer.

But, I did make some Curiouses of my own... and I didn't do a bad job if I say so myself... seeing as how I was working from memory!

Warning:  these pictures look like crap.   Which is a real shame, because the graphics in the  actual game are absolutely beautiful.  The water, the reflections, and the plant life... amazing!  Even better than Bon Voyage.    BUT, there is only ONE setting for screenshots... and it's not that great.  *cries*

So please to forgive the terrible pictures... pardon the plumbbobs and the pesky speech bubbles too.   Not only is the in-game camera not that great, the navigation is different than regular TS2 and the TAB button doesn't work the way it does in TS2.  

All in all, not a good game to take screenshots from, no matter how fun it might be to play!

But I still wanted to show off my Curious castaways, lol! 

Looking good there, Vid!  

What are you talking about?  This isn't my normal suit!   And I don't think this is really my face, either.  

It's close enough.  And the Simgoddess *did* get your personality right, didn't she?

She got my personality POINTS right.  Which makes me a Virgo.  I'm not supposed to be a Virgo.  I'm a Scorpio!

Yeah, well... my personality points make ME a Libra.  Go figure.

I suppose you're a Virgo in this too?

Yes.  What the hell was she thinking?  Scorpios get SO much better chemistry with chicks.

Lazlo *pokes around in water.*

"What the... ?"

"Hey guys!  I caught a FISH!" 

Pascal and Vidcund:  *run out to spear fish too*

Vidcund:  "Damn it!  This isn't my orange Speedo... " 

Hee hee hee.  Good times.

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