Cindy (cindyanne1) wrote,

Fun Stuff: The Sims 2 Castaways Stories

Yes I'm still playing it, lol.   I'm not kidding... it is a blast to play!    Especially when you play it Strangetown style!!!  (gotta see these pics!!)

AAAANNNDD... I found out that it was a glitch that the game didn't load when I put in a copy of my SavedSims folder!  I tried it again and it loaded!    I have true, actual Strangetown clones to play with!  


So I not only bring you true representations of the Curious boys now... 

Yes, yes... you may all drool freely.

I can also bring you the Castaway GRUNTS!

Is that not just made of awesome?  That the games are compatible like this???  

I can't wait to see the General playing with the chimps, lol!

Clones aside, I've been playing the actual story in the game too and I'm so pleased to say I love it!  This is coming from someone who thought the Sims 2 Life Stories was THE MOST STOOPID THING EVAR.  This one isn't.  It's a very sweet story and fun gameplay.   I haven't played out the entire story yet but I'm very happy with what I've done so far!

All in all, VERY WORTH the 20-some odd bucks.

Tags: castaways, fun stuff
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