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The Curious Castaway... Maybe a Legacy

I found out that players can create their own sims to send through the scripted story on The Sims 2
Castaway Stories.  Yes I had already played through the story line once with the Maxis sim, Jessica Knight, but once I read that I could send a CAS through it there was nothing else to do but a complete uninstall/reinstall and have a clone of Vidcund Curious be shipwrecked.  

Note:  There will be major Castaway Stories spoilers in this, but hopefully not so many that it will keep anyone from playing the game.  Maybe it'll make you want to play it even more!  (Yes it *is* that fun!)

However, if you don't want to see any spoilers, I highly advise you not to read.  I mean, I *want* you to read, don't get me wrong... but I also don't want to spoil the game for anyone.  *winks*

We begin our story with Vidcund Curious, who had left Strangetown alone and gone on a cruise where it was advertised one could "Meet Your Mate."    However, a storm came upon them at sea, the ill-fated ship was struck by lightning, and it caught fire and sank.  

Luckily, Vidcund survived by clinging to a steamer trunk, and
soon he washed ashore, alone on the beach.


First things first.  Vidcund finds the steamer trunk and a coconut tree, 


"builds" a rough lean-to for shelter and knocks some rocks together to start a fire.

He also takes some time to study some of the cookbooks he found in the steamer trunk.

  "Nothing can stop me from learning.  Nope, not even fighting for basic survival!"

After a quick trip to relieve himself in the bushes...

  "How embarrassing.  Well, at least the SimGoddess doesn't have a censor blur removal hack in this..."

... Vidcund decides he needs something a bit more substantial than coconut milk.   

Cue spear-fishing spam!!


      "Oh crap... oh shit... I'm afraid to look..." 

    "Owie owie owie... ohhh.... well, at least it was just a flesh wound." 

Awww... he looks so happy!!  *pats Vidcund*   You did good, baby.

/end spear-fishing spam.

Time to cook up that hard-won meal!   

Then, worn out from his busy day surviving on the beach, Vidcund crawls into his rough shelter to rest.   *sob* He looks so lonely!  **hugs Vidcund**

Nighttime visitors!!! 

The next morning, Vidcund discovers the beach has been invaded by chimpanzees and left a complete mess!  Well, he can't stand that, so he "digs" a fire pit and gets rid of the trash.  

He also begins work on a raft to hopefully take him back to civilization.

Mmmm... Vid doing manual labor.  Yum.  

Work it, baby!

As he's messing around with the raft, Vidcund finds a machete.  

While thoughts of Friday the 13th and Jason Vorhees cross his mind, he sets forth anyway because he needs
more parts for his raft.   So, he cuts down the tall stand of bamboo and heads into the deep jungle.


To be Continued... 

Tags: castaway stories, fun stuff, the curious castaway
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