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The Curious Castaway

The  Curious Castaway, Part 2

More Castaway Stories spoilers abound, so read with caution.


And so, our hero cuts his way through the jungle, and in a short while, comes to the site of a long-ago airplane crash.   The wreakage is obviously old, but there still could be some usuable parts left...

Vidcund searches the fusilage for salvage, and finds a map to the island.  He can see another path on the map that leads further in to the jungle. 

Although night is falling, Vidcund makes his way down the other path, and soon comes to a large tree that has an idol of unknown origin sitting at its base.   He decides to take the idol with him,

... but there is a not-very-friendly chimp sitting nearby.  Ignoring the chimp, Vidcund tries to take the idol anyway...

... and is attacked!

    "Why am I having sudden memories of high school right now?"

"Take that, you furry version of General Buzz Grunt!"

"Ugh... Well, you may not be General Buzz, but you sure as hell still kicked my ass." 

His ego as bruised as his rear end, Vidcund realizes he needs a way to placate the chimp in order to take that idol.   He looks around... wondering what he could use... 

Bananas!  Of course!

"Hey!  Over here!  Who wants a banana?" 

"Yeah I thought so, you louse-infested, smelly, ugly little hairy primate, you." 

Vidcund:  *takes idol*

Vidcund:  *admires idol" 

Vidcund:  *puts idol on rock back at camp" 

At this point, Vidcund noticed the idol was missing a jewel and also proceded to have a rather lengthy discussion with it.   I began to fear for his sanity and sent him to his lean-to to rest. 

Morning finds Vid's little primate friend marking its territory in Vidcund's special bush.   I

I love how the chimps still rate a censor blur!

"Yes you remember me, don't you?  I'm the one who gave you that banana last night.  Oh, you want another one? Well, I suppose... but don't make a habit of it..." 

"Wait, what are you doing?  Oh... is this a good thing?   I suppose I better not protest too much... "

"But I really hope he didn't actually find any bugs in my hair!"   **gets heebies**

Oh, okay.  I suppose you can stay with me.   Even though you're  hairy, and smelly, and you leave trash everywhere.  Come to think of it, you do sort of remind me of Lazlo...  

Isn't this a gorgeous background shot? 

The raft the Vidcund is working on still isn't finished, so Vidcund heads back to the plane's wreakage in the early afternoon, hoping to find some more parts.

He does find something, but it's not anything for the raft. 

It's the idol's missing jewel!

Rushing back to camp, Vidcund carefully places the jewel into the empty socket in the idol's forehead...

"What the...?  *cough*  Oh, this can't be good..."

"Ugggh... I don't feel so great..."  

Yes, unfortunately, during his attempts to repair the idol, Vidcund sprung some sort of protective trap, and has now been infected with a mysterious disease.  

And he needs to find a cure fast... or all could be lost! 

To Be Continued...

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