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To Fear the Dawn

To Fear the Dawn: Chapter 3

Vidcund did, in fact, return from his alien adventure pregnant, and it wasn’t long before he and Pascal had to admit Lazlo was right.   Unexpectedly, Vidcund gave birth to boy-girl twins, Xander and Xena, right around the same time Orion was in the middle of potty training.

The three brothers did their best to cope, but soon found themselves living in a fog filled with late-night feedings, dirty diapers, baths, spoiled bottles of milk, and garbage laying all over the kitchen floor.

Keeping up with the constant demands of twin infants and a cranky toddler, plus maintaining the house and working on getting ahead in their careers left them so tired they could barely move. It just wasn’t working.

Finally one morning, as the car pool pulled up outside, Vidcund looked at Pascal with bloodshot eyes and sighed. “I hate to admit Lazlo was right...” he began.

“Oh thank the Goddess!” Pascal exclaimed. “I’ll call a contractor to build an addition onto the house and put an ad in today’s paper for a live-in nanny as soon as I get to work."

“How did you know what I was going to say?” Vidcund asked, amazed.

“Well, name another time Lazlo has been right.” Pascal said, as he yawned and sleepily walked out to the car.




Perfect, Reginald thought with satisfaction. Just perfect.

He’d had no idea there were aliens in Strangetown, but when he saw an elderly man soon after he settled into an old, abandoned manse who was, unequivocally, alien, he nearly laughed out loud with joy. In a place where aliens were endured, they would certainly tolerate vampires as well.

Perhaps even embrace them, he thought hungrily, almost wistfully. Perhaps here, I can procreate and my offspring will remain with me forever. Perhaps here too, I will finally find a mate... someone worthy to be given the gift of not only immortality, but to create others like us...

He had that bestow upon a new vampire the ability to create more vampires, but so far he had not deigned to use it. He desperately wished for a mate and lover....even more so than he wished to be surrounded by his offspring, but as yet had not found anyone he considered worthy of such an endowment.

It would need to be a very special woman, he knew, ...not only extraordinarily beautiful, but also possessing a distinct maternal quality and also tolerant of... difference...

He had never met anyone like that yet in his long life, but perhaps here... Perhaps here, in Strangetown, he finally would.

Reginald turned suddenly toward the east...the dawn was coming. He knew this, even though the skies remained unchanged. He could sense it long before the heavens showed any indication. His plans would need to rest until sunset, but, as he lay back in his coffin, a small smile of satisfaction played across his face.

Soon, very soon...he would have all he had ever wanted. A mate, and a huge clan made up of their progeny...larger than he could have ever dreamed...filling the whole town. The whole world!

He would love nothing more.




“Okay,” Lazlo sighed, sitting at the table with his brothers and poring over the information they had gathered on the applicants for their nanny position.

“We’ve had about six women come to interview for the job...”

“...and four of them ran out screaming at the sight of the children,” Vidcund said sadly. “That leaves only two who are qualified. So which should it be? Vicki or Darlene?”

“Neither.” Lazlo said firmly. “They are both too old, and just...yeeechh,” he shuddered. “Don’t want to go there, man. Don’t want to have to look at that every day."

“I don’t know...” Vidcund said dreamily. “I thought that one lady...Vicki... was rather interesting...”

Lazlo choked. “My God, Vid, you need to get laid worse than I thought,” he cried. “You have to be kidding... Vicki? The same Vicki who came here for our nanny job?”

Pascal grinned. “He’s not kidding...think about who he went steady with in high school.”

“Ah yes,” Lazlo smirked. “How could I forget? Mrs. Beaker...”

“You’re one to talk, Pascal.” Vidcund said shortly, his face turning scarlet. “As I recall, you were trying to get into her tight little jeans yourself not so long before that!”

Pascal shrugged indifferently. “That’s only because I heard she was easy.” He raised his eyebrows at Vidcund. “Was she?”

Vidcund flushed even redder and looked away. “Not with me,” he muttered darkly.

“Well,” Pascal said, “As interesting as your love life is, Vid, it’s not helping us choose a nanny here. I personally think...”

He was interrupted by the doorbell.

“I’ll get it.” Vidcund said, standing up quickly. He was relieved to have an excuse to leave the table as the conversation had taken quite an embarrassing turn. He only hoped it wouldn’t be Vicki at the door. He’d hate to live that down.

“Coming...” he said as he opened the door. “Yes? What can I do for....” He trailed off, staring in shocked surprise at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her hair was blond and long, falling in cascades around her shoulders. She had the most unusual silver-colored eyes, a ready smile, and an easy grace about her movements which put him instantly in mind of a professional dancer.

He gulped and cleared his throat. “What can I do for you?” he asked again, horrified at the tremor in his voice.

“I’m here about the ad for a nanny,” the young woman answered softly. “My name is Charity Davenport. Is the position still available?”

She held out her hand and Vidcund shook it, breathing in a fresh scent that seemed to come from her and drift toward him. It reminded him crazily of when his mother used to tuck him in at night when he was a little boy. A scent of softness and comfort that he couldn’t quite place, but touched something deep within him.

“...Um..,” Vidcund stammered. “Yes, I... I’m Vidcund Curious, and yes... I mean, no...we haven’t filled the position yet. Let me...uh...take you to meet the children.”

“Oh yes!” Charity exclaimed excitedly. “I just love little ones! I can’t wait to meet them! There are three, correct? A toddler and a set of twin infants? Two boys and a girl?

“Yes.” Vidcund said warily, wondering how Charity would react when she saw them. Pascal had purposefully not disclosed in the ad that the children were alien born, as the brothers had wanted to personally see the reactions of the possible candidates before making a decision. He walked into the house and Charity followed close behind.

“ This is Orion,” Vidcund said, as the toddler came stumbling into the room. Vidcund looked up at Charity and waited with bated breath. She seemed perfect for the job...there was certainly something rare about her that he couldn’t place, but it would all be moot if she couldn’t tolerate the babies’ unusual beginnings.

"Oh my....” Charity said, her eyes wide, and Vidcund’s heart sank.

“...he is absolutely adorable!” Charity squealed, scooping Orion up in her arms. The toddler protested a little, but Charity didn’t seem to mind. She snuggled him close and Orion, seeming to know a good thing when he had it, hugged her back. Charity settled him comfortably on her hip. “And where are the twins?” she asked.

Vidcund stared. She didn’t even seem to notice! “You... ah... you don’t mind that the children are....” he stammered, “well, that they’re...”

“Green?” Charity said with amusement. “Of course I don’t mind! Babies are babies...oh...just look at them!” she sighed, looking at the sleeping infants. She reached out and stroked Xander’s plump cheek with one gentle finger.

The baby turned toward her and made sucking motions in his sleep, while Charity smiled lovingly down into the crib, Orion still cradled comfortably on her hip.

Vidcund watched her and his heart melted. He caught a breath of that scent again and he knew... he knew.

“When can you move in?” he asked.



To Be Continued...

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