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The Curious Castaway


The Curious Castaway, Part 3

Again, more Castaway Stories spoilers, so read with caution. 


When we last saw Vidcund, he had just been infected with a deadly disease, and had three days to live unless he found a cure.   So, weak and weary from the virus, Vid slogs through the jungle again.

Eventually, he comes to a clearing in the jungle near a shady lagoon, where he finds an abandoned cabin.


And luck is smiling even more on Vidcund, as there is a medical kit on the cabin’s front porch.

With medicine inside!


Now cured of the mysterious disease, Vid finds some rope and takes it back to camp to tie his raft together.  

He also decides to move to the abandoned cabin at the shady lagoon.   

"You like the new place, don’t you?  Don't you, you ugly, mangy, stinking drain clog?" 


There’s even quiet time for study that evening, 

...and a meal… 


...before he sleeps in a real bed for the first time in a long time. 

"You know, island life might not be so bad.  If only I wasn’t so lonely…"     *hugs Vid*



The next morning, Vidcund goes hunting for food and supplies, and comes across what appears to be a ruined temple.  There is an altar in the center, which looks like it might have originally held none other than the idol of unknown origin that Vid is now apparently keeping in his back pocket.


He chops away the bamboo that’s in the way, and carefully places the idol on the altar.

Doing so opens up a hidden doorway.  Vidcund goes through it and eventually finds…



Other survivors from the ship!

In speaking with the survivors, Vidcund realizes they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, and also gets the information that there is an elderly gentleman on the island as well.  The survivors refer to him as the Professor.

Nope, not the sharpest knives in the drawer.


This guy is taking the longest dump ever.  I finally realized it’s because in the scripted gameplay you are supposed to talk to him LAST, so the game makes him answer nature's call until you get done talking with all the other survivors.    Which generally doesn’t take very long, but if you are leisurely about your gaming, like I’m being this time, he’s in there a WHILE.

"Hey Hugh, cut it off already!   We need to talk!"

So Vid finally talks to Hugh, and finds out he’s as much an idiot as all the others.   

But he does tell him “the Professor’s” name.  Vidcund thinks that if anyone knows anything in this place, it has to be the old fart.  So, he heads off into the deep jungle to look for him. 

There’s not much to see in the swamp that Vidcund comes to next.  But his fun level is getting really low, so I had him monkey around on a tree for a while.

“Hey… I think I can see the Professor from here!”   
**hints to SimGoddess to please stop making him swing on the trees for her enjoyment** 


Looks like Vidcund was right.  There’s the professor!




Vidcund  shimmies down from the tree and goes to chat with the professor.  He tells Rinehardt  that he’s begun a raft but needs something to use as a mast. 

(I guess all the trees around just wouldn’t do. *shrugs*)   


Anyway, the professor tells him where to find a crossroads to an abandoned village and discarded ceremonial staff that had once been used by the island people. 


Night falls as Vidcund and the professor make their way through the jungle.  Finally, they come to the crossroads, but Vidcund isn’t too sure about taking the ceremonial pole.  However, since the professor tells him not to worry, he heads toward the pole to pick it up…


 "What's that... Oh shit!"


"Shit... oh shit.  Nice kitty... nice kitty!"



"Please don’t eat me!  I’m sure I could find some Meow Mix or some catnip around here…" 

"I never thought I'd die like this!  And I'm dying a virgin, to boot!"

To Be Continued... 







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